The dream is dead, long live the dream

The dream is dead, long live the dream

December 29th at 15:00 and Rangers were off the back of the most momentous result, extraordinary December, and Celtic fans were genuinely sh*tting their pants because their 9IAR was under serious threat.

Now today they’re 10 points clear, having won every match since the turn of the year, while Rangers languish off the most damaging dropped points in the past few weeks.

Hearts, Aberdeen and Killie have ended Rangers’ brief title surge for this season, and it was truly nice while it lasted.

But two league defeats in just over 14 days, not to mention a draw, is simply unacceptable for a club of the demands of Rangers.

Unacceptable for winning the league, unacceptable to the standards this club strives for, and unacceptable to fans who pay our hard-earned cash on this team.

This is not to say we cannot ever lose – we accept defeats and draws do happen. They’re a fact of life.

But two seasons in a row have seen destructive January and Februaries putting paid to any notion of a title fight.

Celtic haven’t even had to be good to win this season – after such a promising first half of the season, it has just stunningly unravelled for us post-winter.

We’ll analyse this awful chain of events in the morning, when we’ve calmed down collectively. If we do.

But for now it’s yet another year we all get older as Celtic win the title.

Who to blame? The players? Steven Gerrard? John Beaton and a pile of other refs?

All of the above?

Answers on a second class stamped postcard please, because we might be more rational by the time one of those gets through the post.

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