Barely matters, but tonight’s Rangers ratings v Killie

Barely matters, but tonight’s Rangers ratings v Killie

Doesn’t matter in the slightest, but here’s our ratings for an abysmal night at Rugby Park anyway. Again.


Beaten shockingly easily both times, and we honestly can’t remember the last good save he made. Ever since he signed the new deal, he’s vanished. 4


In truth, his best match since returning, but it’s not saying much. Still hasn’t nailed a single cross since getting back in the side, but is also adding some flair to the right. 5


Diabolically beaten for the second goal, but otherwise a sound enough night and actually didn’t do a tonne wrong generally. 6


Ok, we admit it – Katic is all over the place. The impression, sadly, that we get now, is for all his physical prowess, he just isn’t very bright. He makes dumb decisions, goes in with his heart and not his head, and isn’t defending with any finesse at all. Did we get this guy all wrong? 4


Did alright, and managed a cross or two. Wasn’t done for anything and can’t be blamed for the bad night. Probably about equal to an out of form Barisic. 6


Could tell he was ring rusty, but he tried his best to work hard and support attack. 5


Weird night from Arfield – because, for some reason, Stevie deployed him, mostly, as holding midfielder. He did burst forward too, and often swapped roles with Jack, but it was an odd night from him, and not really his fault. Goal was superb. 6


For all the praise he rightly got v Hamilton, while there were some nice moments involving him, mostly he just couldn’t influence or affect the game on any level. 5


A few of his classy moments, but again, isolated on the right he was unable to do a tonne of damage. And the movement around him frankly sucked. 6


He’s really struggling to produce the kind of play he did last season, for reasons we’ve already suggested, but equally he’s being plain dispossessed and looking flat. 5


God. Where do we start. Yes, his goal *probably* should have stood, and he was unlucky with an audacious attempt off the bar, but those two individual moments aside Morelos is really in a bad way right now. He’s diving, whining, and he’s frankly not working very hard either. Whether it’s the off-field stuff getting to him or he’s just plain in bad form, he was painful tonight. 3


We can’t understand the system tonight – Stevie elected to bring back Jack but not Davis? He pushed Arfield and Jack to both be holding midfielders? And one of them doesn’t suit it while the other isn’t match fit. A lot of fans are giving the manager both barrels tonight, and we must admit for all the magnificence of December, it’s become a distant memory into February. He can point to the goal that wasn’t (twice) and he has a case, but it doesn’t eliminate how staggeringly terrible his team have been since returning from Dubai. 4

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