Rangers whitewash as BBC betray licence fee

Rangers whitewash as BBC betray licence fee

It comes as no surprise whatsoever but BBC Scotland once again show their hatred of all things Rangers and disregard for their duty as a public service by completely whitewashing Rangers’ win in Portugal last night.

While the website managed, reluctantly, to cover the story, their broadcast channels, notably TV, failed completely to report on the story of Rangers’ colossal win and instead focused, unsurprisingly, on today’s Celtic match.

Rangers recently produced a statement along with Club1872 over the strained relationship between Rangers and Pacific Quay, but despite their obligation to the licence payer, BBC have no intention of discharging their duty properly and Rangers will continue to be effectively only covered obligatorily.

They did manage to send Alasdair Lamont to Portugal who covered the win for the website, but in terms of any visually broadcasted reports, not a thing.

Obviously it’s not really acceptable, and betrays those waiting for Rangers news on a public service, but what can we do.

It’s censorship in everything but name, and until the BBC grow up and get over themselves, it won’t change any time soon.

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