Has Ryan Kent paid back £7.5M?

Has Ryan Kent paid back £7.5M?

Last night, Ryan Kent didn’t hide. He’d had a hit-and-miss performance, including a truly wasted gilt-edge goal chance, but overall his display had been patchy – signs of the small resurgence we’d seen v St Johnstone (yes, we’d never got round to publishing that one) but still missing the x factor.

His goal, however, gorgeously assisted by Ianis Hagi, was a work of marvel, power, pace, invention and clinical finishing of the tallest order. It was, simply put, a world class goal against a world class team.

We’d seen little hints of this in Perth – while he still got some abuse after the match, there were creaking signs his wingplay was coming back, and his confidence was starting to eke into something tangible.

But his goal last night did exactly the same as last season – remember that burst in November and December 2018 where he exploded onto the scene and looked every inch a £10M+ winger?

This season turnaround seems to have taken deep into February, but if last night’s goal is anything to go by, the Ryan Kent we signed has finally appeared.

It just took a spark, the right moment to ignite his confidence, his play, and his attitude. He never stopped trying – we have never criticised him for effort.

Indeed, we were one of the few fan groups telling everyone who’d listen that he needed our support and not our criticism. Maybe a rest too, but certainly not the abuse many fans were guilty of.

And now 100% of you are on board too.

Is this the spur to get his season finally going? Well there’s no denying his numbers are top notch – he’s beaten last season’s goal tally and we’re still in February, but he does need to get those assists up.

Come Sunday, hopefully Ryan Kent is fully, finally, back to the Ryan Kent we know and love.

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