Rangers fans reveal what players they want to see Steve G ‘rest’

Rangers fans reveal what players they want to see Steve G ‘rest’

Rangers fans are not mugs, and can tell when a player isn’t delivering.

In an Ibrox Noise poll earlier, we asked you which of Kamara, Morelos and Kent you wanted dropped, and the results were pretty conclusive.

By a notable distance ahead, the Finnish international topped the chart at 36% of the responses, while Ryan Kent still had a very strong 16%, with Colombian international Morelos only having 2%.

But it was the numbers for those who wanted all three out of the team together which raises the biggest eyebrow, with a whopping 47% wanting a complete refresh of all three players and someone else in ahead of each of them.

This is very telling indeed – Rangers fans, for the majority, don’t just want one or two players here and there dropped – they want wholesale sweeping alterations of major amounts of the first team, of the squad, and while last night’s comeback was superb, it was certainly despite those three and not as a result of them.

End result – it’s about time our manager ditched sticking rigidly to his favourite players and selection those most deserving at any given time.

So say the fans.

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