Some Rangers fans are making a bizarre claim about new signings

Some Rangers fans are making a bizarre claim about new signings

We’ve seen a curious new trend starting among some frankly daft Rangers fans, and we thought we’d call them out on it.

Remember the old days when we’d be linked to ‘Tom Sullivan’ of ‘League One Barnet’ who had 3 goals in 15 matches, and some fans would desperately try to find some way of bigging this up as not a completely rotten player?

Like the times we actually did end up with someone like Joe Garner (who has an average 10 in 50 for bottom-feeding Wigan) or Joe Dodoo?

Well back in those days it was ‘he’s not good enough’.

Now Ibrox Noise is witnessing a new phenomenon from some ‘supporters’ who appear to think Glen Kamara or Steven Davis (and we do love you Davo) are more important than the club:

‘Who does he replace?’.

We are looking at a borderline world class player in Peru’s 50-cap 24-year old defensive midfielder Tapia, and rather than being interested in obtaining a high quality player to improve the squad, all these people care about is an existing player losing their place.

This is deeply worrying.

We have our favourites here at Ibrox Noise, but not once have we complained, especially since results went good and Stevie really earned his corn, that our Joneses, Docherties and McCrories to name but three can’t get a look in.

Instead, we see the new target, this top-class defensive midfielder with a hell of a CV, someone who is better than Glen Kamara in every way, incidentally, and we’d be quite happy to have him in our shirt.

Rather than being worried that Davis will lose his place, or that Kamara will – we just want to keep on making our team better.

And that should be the ambition for every Rangers fan.

Steven Gerrard is here to ruthlessly turn this Rangers team into a real Rangers team. Frankly, he’s done that even by way of some unpopular decisions – like keeping Katic out of the team half the time.

And that’s ok by us – and if he found a way to sign Van Dijk, not a soul in our support would complain Katic lost his place. Well, apart from the Goldson nonsense, that is.

But you get our point.

The day we whine about getting better players is a day I cannot empathise with some Rangers fans.

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  1. Absolutely agree. If we are to get back to being real Rangers then we always need to be on the look out for better players. No one is irreplaceable.

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