Stevie G makes slightly worrying admission indirectly about Alfredo Morelos

Stevie G makes slightly worrying admission indirectly about Alfredo Morelos

Steven Gerrard has made a slight about turn on a previous statement, where Alfredo Morelos was ‘not for sale’ by admitting, again, that ‘every player has his price’.

The striker is the subject of interest from multiple clubs, something which Stevie has confirmed, along with the glut of scouts now known to be watching the hitman nearly every match, but previously Gerrard had admitted all players had their price, to then change that policy upon Morelos implying he was simply unsellable.

This was only emphasised when Stevie admitted Rangers wouldn’t sell the Colombian even for £50M, but today he’s slightly reversed by revealing again that all players, Morelos included, has a price on their head:

“He (Borna Barisic) is the same as every other player at Rangers. They all have a price, of course they do. I’m not going to completely shut it down. I think there is a lot of interest in a lot of our players at the moment, looking at the scouting list that comes to our games. There has been for quite some time and I don’t think that is going to change between now and the end of the season. As I have said before, every single player has a price. We are prepared in all the positions if a crazy offer lands and the board come to me and say: ‘This is crazy, we have to do it.’”

Of course the definition of ‘crazy’ varies between different people but evidently it would take big big money to prise Rangers of their finest assets. Big big money indeed.

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  1. Let's be very clear about this. Every player at Rangers has his price and will be sold if the money is right. Harsh reality time : that's the way it needs to be if our club is to progress. The key is to balance the ambitions of our club with our finances. That probably means having appropriate replacements in place.

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