Rangers linked with explosive January signing – fans going nuts

Rangers linked with explosive January signing – fans going nuts

Social media has exploded with a curious story to surface over the past 24 hours that a gigantic former transfer target is once again on Rangers’ radar.

This story, when it originally surfaced years ago, was most certainly a legitimate one but led to the player in question making the worst choice of his career, and making a mistake that would haunt him.

Scott Allan, infamously, went to Celtic, when he had just 6 months left of his deal at Easter Road to run, signing a deal at Parkhead purely for the purpose, on then-manager Ronny Deila’s part, of annoying Rangers.

Hibs, in those days, refused to deal with Rangers, and wouldn’t sell their star player to a ‘rival’ – times have changed, of course, and while the clubs are by no means in love now, there’s more of a respect now that Hibs are run by the very decent Leeann Dempster and are no longer managed by Celtic men.

Even current boss Jack Ross attacked his own fans vigorously following the appalling bottle incident on Borna Barisic.

But we digress – Scott Allan’s name has surfaced again, with the-now 28-year old enjoying a solid season at Easter Road with 4 goals and 6 assists for a struggling Hibs side, and fans are understandable divided over whether the former Dundee man would be a good signing.

He remains hated by a large chunk for his indescribable mistake of going to Celtic Park – but he made that decision based on considering his time at Easter Road to be over, given he was about to be frozen out for his transfer request, which, at the time, was to try and push through the move to Ibrox.

The fact is he’s one of us – always was, always will be. He’s made horrendous errors in the past, and he’s paid for them.

But ultimately, what we care about is the football – and the talent he has, while not the star it once was, of course, is still there – and playing for his boyhood team would ignite him in a way Dundee, Parkhead and Easter Road could not.

Would we take Scott Allan? Many think that ship has sailed, but if Stevie wants him, and his creativity in the final third, which is still a position Rangers lack in, then we support that.

Scott Allan still has a lot to give, and we think he’d have even more to give us than anyone.

And we love his sense of humour too:

“Hearts fans probably don’t like me because I played for Hibs. Hibs fans probably don’t like me because I left. Rangers fans probably don’t like me because I went to Celtic. I started at Dundee United but their fans probably don’t like me because now I’m at Dundee. Celtic fans know that when I was a wee boy my favourite team were Rangers and that’s a good enough reason for Aberdeen fans to hate me. What a shambles!”

Do we forgive him? Life is too short not to.

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  1. He's not good enough we can do better.ive heard Stuart Armstrong with the Wilson connection would take him just to see the meltdown at that lot

  2. He is nothing more than a decent player by Scottish standards, so irrespective of his stupidity I really don't think he would improve our current team.

  3. NOT good for the famous,we are now at another level and he doesnt cut it,forget him


  4. Not good enough and not, one of us. Never will be. Mediocre and our standard this season, has surpassed him.

  5. Forgetting all the rubbish in the past he is a very good player but is a wee bit of a luxury. Talented nonetheless.

  6. Had your chance will NEVER watch him at Ibrox btw ppl still going on about his pass at of the beginning seat Ibrox , how did that work out #notwelcome

  7. I'd have him if Gerrard wants him. But I don't really want Gerrard to sign players in January and disrupt a winning team – he did that last Jan with an unfit Davis and Defoe and it cost us momentum and points as they struggled to get match sharp.

    By all means sign and integrate them in the squad now, but don't put them in the starting eleven unless there are injuries etc.

  8. After yesterday's performance I can see where the team is lacking in quite a few places we need to be more committed a lot of them seemed to think it would be an easy task only to disappoint all fans.

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