‘Nominal’ fee – have Rangers lost out on transfer?

‘Nominal’ fee – have Rangers lost out on transfer?

Confirmation that Albanian disaster Eros Grezda has returned to Croatia with former side Osijek raises a deeply pertinent question.

The 24-year old cost Rangers £2M, and following the farce of letting Daniel Candeias leave for a reported £250,000 after having set Rangers back around £1.5M in the first case, reports which claim Grezda went back to Croatia for a ‘nominal’ fee we deeply hope to be wrong.

As Steven Gerrard said last summer year, the days of letting club assets go for peanuts were the ‘old prices’ and not the ‘new prices’ and now despite Grezda’s flop nature and wage cost, we’d certainly hope Osijek paid at least half the original transfer to have their winger back.

Remember, despite how badly he did at Ibrox, this is an Albanian international who we signed at age 22, and who then-national boss Panucci rated as a sensational player. So despite his failure in Govan, he’s not worth buttons.

Other than players we got for a few thousand, like Josh Windass or free, like Declan John (loan then a free), or our own youth products (McKay and Macleod) Rangers haven’t profited or even broke even on any signed players in as long as we can remember and we deeply hope we’ve not lost even more on the nomadic forward.

We accept we may not have profited a huge amount – hard to do that with unwanted surplus, but hopefully the stringent management of Ross Wilson at the head of the football department will have ensured we got something useful for this waste of space.


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  1. I look forward to seeing him being fit and playing every week and banging in the goals. I'm sure we'll have performance clauses and sell on fees included in the deal.

  2. Nominal and undisclosed fees generally mean that one of the clubs has done badly out of the deal. I'm fairly certain it will be us.

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