Rangers have just dodged a 5-goal bullet

Rangers have just dodged a 5-goal bullet

Rangers have dodged a bullet after Tyrese Campbell rejected a move north of the border in favour of a new deal at Stoke City.

The underwhelming forward, 5 goals in 18, folks, was inexplicably linked to Rangers (and Celtic) as a solution to our striking issues, but in another example of using Rangers as a way to get a better deal at another club, the striker will now sign a new improved contract south of the border in the Championship and can remain there scoring a goal every 4 matches.

Reports claim the striker thanked both clubs for being willing to take a gamble on him, and he’s right – a forward with his record really would have been, and indeed we suggested so in previous articles on him.

Nothing about his career screamed being good enough for Rangers, and we’re extremely glad he’s not going to be joining now.

We move on.

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  1. Sounds like his agent used a bit of hype and induced a bit of fear that the cross-border compensation rules would mean stoke would lose a solid young asset for buttons a la aribo. This meant Stoke have fattened and extended his contract. Well played, team campbell. Dont know if it was a bullet dodged for us though, a low-cost, decent number 10 would be handy, especially for the park-the-bus games…

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