Rangers to make announcement on key star ‘in days’

Rangers to make announcement on key star ‘in days’

Jermain Defoe has been free to talk to clubs since January 1st. With his contract at Bournemouth expiring this summer, he falls under a precontract and will be a free for whoever wants him.

Manager Steven Gerrard has dropped a hint that this will be Rangers, with the word ‘hopeful’ used, and we have known for some time that the 37-year old, on a strange 18-month or 3×6 month loan at Ibrox in which Eddie Howe’s side have had first refusal on a recall for the past 12 months (and counting) but not one they’ve taken up, of course.

And now we’re in January that recall clause might still apply till the end of the season but Defoe can talk with any club now and go anywhere he likes, as a precontract, although, as said, Howe could still request him back in England till the end of the season.

Stevie has been nothing but praising of Defoe since the striker arrived, and while there are some matches which just don’t suit the prolific hitman so well (St Mirren a classic example), when he’s on his game in matches which fit his qualities he’s pretty close to unstoppable.

And as a Bosman he’s as lucrative as they come – even despite his aging years, he still has it in abundance and Rangers would do a brilliant job to secure him.

We’ve complained we need higher quality squad depth, well, Jermain Defoe, as backup to Morelos, is the level the rest of the squad must aspire to.

He’s a true pro and a top player.

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