Rangers appear to ‘diss’ former player – no love lost

Rangers appear to ‘diss’ former player – no love lost

Rangers’ official announcement of Eros Grezda’s departure says it all for the sheer contempt this club ending up holding the former Albanian international in.

While the official comments aren’t always the warmest, this one couldn’t have been colder, and to add insult to the-now Osijek winger’s injury, the photo of him used showed him in the ignominy of the Development Squad kit, rather than any of his first-team appearances.

Rangers ended up disliking this player intensely, not just over the spitting incident.

He came to Ibrox, injured, under what appears to have been false pretences, and showed zero appetite for the club or the task at hand.

Steven Gerrard was clear that this was a player he wasn’t interested in, wanted rid of, and wished hadn’t arrived in the first place, and we’re hearing reports Rangers received 2M Euros for him, which if true, is remarkable work from Ross Wilson and the team.

Gerrard stated last summer it was a player who had had loan offers, but the numbers hadn’t been right – which was a roundabout way of saying the player himself was the one rejecting them, not the club.

The signing of Grezda goes down as one of the biggest flop captures in the history of Rangers FC – it mercifully will not define this manager, but it was under his watch, and we have to assume former DoF Mark Allen played a big role in bringing the attacker to Ibrox.

Sure, it’s getting a little lazy and old already, blaming all bad signings and loans on Mark Allen, while giving Gerrard the credit for the good ones. But there’s certainly a pattern, and we know Stevie didn’t have full control over every player who came in.

Anyway, what is done is done, and we couldn’t be more glad to be shot of the wage thief.

Wait you see, he’ll score a hundred now in Croatia and get back into the Albania squad, becoming their greatest ever player…

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  1. Good riddance, but i hope he does score a 100 in Croatia and make the national team again since we have a sell on clause which will mean we might actually end up with more we paid for him in the first place, coupled with the 2m euro (if indeed correct) exceptional work by Wilson.

  2. Rangers far too big for the boy.
    Definitely a player just not in Scotland, hes not the first nor will he be the last.
    Good luck in the future Eros.

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