Parkhead farce once again ‘overshadows’ Rangers transfer

Parkhead farce once again ‘overshadows’ Rangers transfer

We had to laugh over the Tyrese Campbell saga – not the player, you understand, we’re sure he has his qualities and hopefully the manager can get the best out of him, should we secure him.

No, we had to giggle at the surfacing of our old friends Celtic who are apparently in for the striker too.

Now, bear in mind, they just spent £4M on a Polish striker, and have technically more funds than us to lavish on players.

So just what in the world are they doing seeking a Championship striker with only 4 goals in 17 and who would only cost £300,000?

Oh yes, once again, they’re just trying to nick him from us!

How often through the years would we be interested in a player, then hey presto Celtic join the party and start seeking his signature.

In the early 00s, the infamous one was Nacho Novo – Rangers tracked him for months, years, and made interest official, only for Celtic to be the first to offer him a deal to which he famously said no thanks.

There was Derek Riorden too, who Rangers were after, only for Celtic to get in ahead and offer a deal, which he accepted.

And by no means last or indeed least Scott Allan. Less said about that shambles the better.

But yes, nothing quite like a touch of deja-vu with Tyrese now joining the long list of luminaries who Rangers monitored for some time, only for Parkhead to then add themselves to the interested parties, whether they actually needed/wanted him or not.

It’s a very predictable and very cliché but it is what it is.

And it’s up to Rangers to offer the right deal and clinch his signature if he’s truly what we need.

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  1. If this guy has his head screwed on and isnt chasing the money it will be a no brainier for him being an English U20, learn and develop under Gerrard and Defoe or Lennon and Griffiths, I am sure we will see him at Ibrox if he isnt money orientated and SG and co will bring out the best in him like Kamara, Katic and Aribo.

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