Is this the ‘truth’ about Andy King and other flops at Ibrox?

Is this the ‘truth’ about Andy King and other flops at Ibrox?

With the quote from Steven Gerrard recently about Andy King, a number of Rangers fans believe, with some foundation we feel, that outgone Director of Football Mark Allen was the man who rubber-stamped a lot of the bizarre signings we now see as dead wood, the prime example being the bewildering recruitment of the Leicester man.

A number of ‘Steven Gerrard signings’, such as he, Matt Polster, Jordan Jones, Eros Grezda, Andy Firth, and Brandon Barker to name just five have failed to impact on the first team or indeed get much bench time either, leading a lot of Rangers fans to suggest such signings were in fact the remit of the DoF, and not the manager.

With new DoF Ross Wilson being Rangers’ original first choice, there is a sense that all signings now will be completely rubberstamped by Gerrard, and no one now coming in will be the work of anyone ‘higher up’.

Allen may take extraordinary credit for giving Rangers Gerrard in the first place, but he also gave us Aaron Nemane, and a glut of truly awful loans, and we can’t imagine Steven Gerrard being completely happy with some of the players who arrived in the summer of 2018.

But Rangers have their man in the DoF role now, and the sense is anyone now coming in will have been completely of the preference of the manager, and we are unlikely to see any new recruits being inexplicably ‘frozen out’ of the first team squad.

But we shall see.

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  1. I believe Allen wasn't a good enough, head scout. But this new fella Sean, I think IS, a good head scout. Allen has a lot to answer for. Reputation diminished.

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