Did Scottish press ‘lie’ about much-hyped Rangers deal?

Did Scottish press ‘lie’ about much-hyped Rangers deal?

One of the earliest breaking stories this January, or even earlier in December, was the imminent departure of gigantic flop Mexican Eduardo Herrera.

The red tops were filled with how he’d be the first to go, that it was sorted, or as good as, and Sporting Director Ross Wilson would get shot of the waster clinically ASAP.

Three weeks later the parasite remains on Rangers’ payroll and we can’t for love nor money get shot of him.

Herrera is known to have rejected a number of loans, and a number of departures, and it seems he is also unwilling to accept mutual consent either, otherwise it would have been done months ago.

Instead, the ‘striker’ (and we use that loosely) has remained attached, his claws deep in Rangers’ epidermis and it appears the tabloids, the press, so certain he was gone, either completely lied, or got it wildly wrong.

Herrera’s wage is not officially known but we believe it to be in the £15K-£20K range, and it’s not surprising he’s unwilling to give that up easily.

Can we blame him? Not really – money makes the world go round and that fool Caixinha and Stewart Robertson worked together to get this kind of rubbish in from the Latin world at high expense. We’re still paying for it today.

But this guy just will not get off our payroll, and it appears he’s quite happy to sit on his wage till his deal expires and at 31 probably considers his career in a twilight period already.

But yes, another case of the press jumping the gun and getting it wildly wrong.

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