Winter 2019 was seismic for Rangers – it all changed

Winter 2019 was seismic for Rangers – it all changed

We alluded to this earlier when we discussed summer 2019’s transfer window, and that is the absolutely stunning 2019 winter window.

The winter window is usually fraught with peril, a window many managers don’t like as the players they get are usually out of sync with the rest, and they can end up losing some of their biggest assets at such an important time of the season.

But Rangers’ winter window last year was probably the best one we’ve had for many an annum, when you consider just what we actually got:

Steven Davis, Jermain Defoe, and Glen Kamara, Matt Polster and Andy Firth.

A combined total of £365,000 went out on that lot, with most of it on Firth based on the usual U23 cross-border rules (yes, he’s still only 23 now).

And if we (slightly) disregard the ex-Barrow Town man and the American, then the January window we had last year was easily the best winter window for an age, and it brought us three giant players who’ve made such a difference to this club.

Davis, a free, from a loan, is arguably Steven Gerrard’s joint best signing, period. His calm, assurance, experience and leadership qualities not to mention basic footballing ability is second to none. Defoe, still a loan but set to join permanently, is such a stonking backup to Morelos, and his goals tally as ‘deputy’ is unreal. Kamara, for £65K, a Finnish international, who when on his game is the hard working graft we often need in there.

Those three made a massive difference – Davis especially, particularly in the split last season, was a huge reason why Rangers had a 100% record, until that Killie blip. Kamara too was mighty in that period, and Defoe replaced the suspended Morelos and Rangers were no weaker for it.

So it’s not strictly always accurate that January windows aren’t productive. That one definitely was. It was, in fact, the difference between a patchy Rangers and a consistent one, especially post-April.

And we do have a major point here, and we’ll reveal that in the next entry…

Stay tuned..

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  1. I'm Steven Davis' biggest fan but he only really came to the fore in the split (not all his fault) after the season was effectively finished. If anything that only confirms that no matter how good you are, coming in during the winter window makes it very difficult to come in and make a big difference when it matters.

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