Another bizarre twist at Ibrox has us completely lost

Another bizarre twist at Ibrox has us completely lost

In yet another staggering Ibrox development, despite being down to literally three first-choice midfielders, Rangers chose to recall hopeless winger Jake Hastie from Rotherham to give him a chance.

Hastie, who, incidentally, has 3 goals in league one, and was dumped out because of lack of experience, we think, is a dedicated left winger, and if there’s one position we have ludicrously too many players for, it’s left wing.

Kent, Jones, Ojo, Barker – Rangers already have four in that position, absolutely none on the right, and Hastie, rather than, for example, Ross McCrorie or a promotion for Greg Docherty, has been returned from down south’s fairly average loan in League One.

We’re sorry to sound so utterly bewildered right now, but we’re genuinely struggling with what we’re hearing and seeing these past 24+ hours.

Ever since the loss to Hearts, it’s all gone absolutely nuts and we literally couldn’t even guess what the logic behind half of it is.

We knew things had to be done.

Slagging off Jordan Jones, Brandon Barker and recalling Jake Hastie definitely weren’t what we had in mind.

Answers on a postcard.

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