McAllister bombshell makes absolutely no sense at all

McAllister bombshell makes absolutely no sense at all

Gary McAllister has confirmed in a shock move today that Brandon Barker and Jordan Jones both lack first-team action because their attitudes in training aren’t good enough.

The assistant coach was on media duties pre-Ross County, and admitted that both of them have to do more.

In truth, we’re utterly bewildered by this.

Barker has had quite a few cameo appearances, while Jones has been 100% exiled, Stranraer aside, but while the former is evidently not good enough and was a frankly dreadful signing made in panic, the latter has shown plenty of quality and has never demonstrated a poor attitude in general, aside one idiotic rush of blood to the head.

Quite simply, we have no clue what McAllister is on about, and are starting to wonder just what the blazes has been going on at Ibrox the past four weeks to lead to statements like this.

Once again, we’re seeing individual players hung out to dry, and while we’re hardly flattering here on the site about Barker in particular, it seems inexplicable that McAllister would borderline scapegoat he and Jones.

We’re quite astonished by the past 24 hours.

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