“They don’t know”… Gerrard signing rejects fan opinion as ‘ignorant’…

“They don’t know”… Gerrard signing rejects fan opinion as ‘ignorant’…

On the topic of Connor Goldson, Rangers’ vice-captain has rather controversially dismissed fans’ opinions as ignorance and suggested supporters who criticise don’t have a clue.

The stopper hasn’t had a great season, in truth, and has been candid enough to admit he isn’t the best defender around, but his comments on fans’ criticism is more than a touch righteous and while he was trying to explain why criticism from the likes of Chris Sutton is beyond the pale, unfortunately he managed to suggest fans’ opinions are absolutely worthless.

He said:

“I think it’s poor when ex-professional footballers come out these days and slate people. They know how hard it is to do the job. Fans? You accept it. They’ve never been footballers. They don’t know the pressure and the hard work. They think it’s an hour-and-a-half of training each day and what a life it is, but there’s pressure you’re under and the hard work you do every single day. When you leave the training ground you constantly have to care about what you eat, what you do, what time you sleep. Everything is a routine.”

This is in a word absolute nonsense. Only this morning a young family member of Ibrox Noise had to tone down his burgeoning football career through stress and try to reduce the anxiety making it in the sport causes. To imply fans don’t understand the hard work is utterly mind-boggling – we are only too aware how much of a sacrifice being a footballer actually is – how much dedication you have to the career and how stressful it can be to succeed at the top level. In calling fans ignorant, Goldson is guilty of it himself.

But it’s the fact he’s similarly rejecting our opinions because we’re not in the dressing room with him. That unless we too play twice a week in the SPL and Europa League, we’re not in a position to comment.

And that, to label his entirely accurate criticism of Chris Sutton’s snidey comments on James Tavernier, ‘poor’.

Never bite the hand that feeds you Connor, never be guilty of being swallowed up by the company and career you’re in and forgetting what it’s like to be an honest fan who pays their money and expresses their views.

Just because you might not like everything they say doesn’t make their opinion ignorant.

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  1. I have to admit, as much as I dislike Chris Sutton, I don't think he's far from the mark, describing Tav as a "serial loser." But how disgusting, to suggest that paying supporters don't know what they're talking about. Especially, about Goldson. We have eyes. He has no 'situational awareness' and clearly just does not cut the mustard. What is it they say about biting the hand that feeds you?? This, will just make our opinion on Connor, even more believed.

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