Is it time for Steven Gerrard to do something radical?

Is it time for Steven Gerrard to do something radical?

We’re going to quote you a clutch of names here at Ibrox Noise, and you’re going to put the dots together and tell us what they have in common:

Greg Docherty, Jamie Murphy, Jordan Jones, George Edmundson, Andy King, Greg Stewart, Nikola Katic, Andy Halliday
and Matt Polster.

That’s nine players, six of whom Steven Gerrard signed.

Can you tell what it is yet?

That’s right, since this season started, the above group of players, almost an entire first team XI indeed, have been out of favour and hardly been used under Steven Gerrard.

Now, before we go on – we are not criticising the manager because, until recently, most things he touched turned to gold.

However, we do wonder what the point of having all these players is when there appears little intention to select them.

Which is why, with us in the dark winter months and getting to that critical stage of the season where injury and suspension starts to become a key defining factor, it is obvious to us that these players now need proper using.

There are high quality players in there, almost all of whom are ready, fit and available and the likes of Docherty, Jones and Katic especially are as good as the players currently in the XI, if not better.

We’d love to see these guys all play a bigger role in the second half of the season, starting now.

We’d love to see these fresh names being given a chance and the fullest extent of this high-quality being squad being deployed.

What say you?

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  1. Totaly agree…Ojo & King can GTF back to there clubs in Jan & we should play Jones & Kent as our wingers, Arfield is defo lacking a yard this season so I'd like to see Docherty come in to rest Arf for a bit, Katic & Edmunson should be getting rotated with Hellander….

  2. Couldnt agree more Gerrard must make a big decision and change
    As much as i hate critising any Rangers player Tav must be dropped along with changing the central defence partnership Katic and Edmundson need a chance or this could cost us the league WATP

  3. I agree that fringe players should get more game time so that when we need to use them due to injury, suspension, change of tactics or loss of form then they are in some kind of shape when called upon. You just need to look at Flanagans performance against Aberdeen last week. A normally steady and reliable defender looked hopelessly off the pace.
    However, this should not be done as a knee jerk reaction to Sunday. We played well on Sunday and done everything but put the ball in the net and that's not really something we've struggled with this season.

  4. Say he got all those off the wage bill. We could get 1 class def, 1 class midfielder, 1 class striker. Or just 3 class players for any position you want. Indtead of 9 average.

  5. I don't think we need major work at all. I'd like to see Katic and Edmunds on given more game time but that's purely because I have yet to be convinced by Goldson and Helander.
    Jones shot himself in the foot with that daft tackle but we have missed missed him as an option.
    We had a poor second half against Aberdeen but dominated the final and on another day could've ran out comfortable winners.
    The squad members you mentioned don't play because they are not up to the level required, expect a clear out next month.

  6. Agree with most of the inputs here however I would add Steven Gerrard is still looking to get that 'feel' of the Scottish game and the cynisism and hatred of Rangers in Scottish Media and Associations . Yes we need more stability especially at the CH positions . Alfredo will be what he is . Onwards

  7. Docherty sold January.
    Murphy sold January.
    King home
    Halliday contract out in the summer. Gone.
    Flanagan contract out in the summer-Gone.
    Grezda- Gone
    Ojo aint fuking intrested- home

    Squad needs trimmed back to make space for new arrivals.(more than above) If you dont like it tough were going up another level and win the title there will be even more out the door so we can prep for the CL Group Qualification.
    Savage yes very much so but required!!

  8. None of the players listed are an improvement on the current regulars. Katic is arguably more or less on a par with the regular central defenders, all the rest of the players are inferior to the regular players chosen.
    We have this list of players because, quite rightly, we need to have back up players in every position. In an ideal world we would keep Katic, Jones, Edmunson, and get rid of the rest and replace them with better players.

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