El-buffalo – Rangers fans will love this message from striker

El-buffalo – Rangers fans will love this message from striker

Alfredo Morelos has just given his biggest indicator yet that he is staying at Ibrox beyond even Summer after the Colombian patted the Rangers badge for the first time since joining in 2017.

His commitment to Rangers has always been a topic of contention, ever since his soundbites about ambitions for the EPL dominated his media quotes from as early as January 2018, but with his comments on Thursday about being proud to wear the Rangers shift, today Alfredo Morelos went another one better by thumping the badge at Fir Park.

In itself it wouldn’t normally mean an awful lot – we’ve seen badge-kissers and thumpers a-plenty at Ibrox, players who swore blood to the shirt, and still left anyway, but Morelos’ utter reluctance to get involved with such emotional and psychological commitment to the club was at least honest that he didn’t see his future at Ibrox.

Now, with his recent quotes and today’s strong and powerful gesture of devotion to the shirt, on top of his recent life changing developments, there are strong hints that the player is now truly content at Ibrox and doesn’t see an immediate need to jump ship to an English club.

It seems Rangers’ stunning achievements in the UEL plus genuine contention to win the SPL have shown Morelos he doesn’t need more than us – and if today’s gesture was anything to go by, anyone who wants to sign Morelos will have to be a massive massive club and have massive, massive pockets.

Only a crazy offer from a top 6 club in England will make Morelos consider leaving. And even then, maybe not.

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  1. He may we'll be more content but that won't stop him leaving. It is healthy for us that he has the desire to be the best he can be. Would you want a Morelos going through the motions with no ambition.

  2. For weeks now he's been pointing to the badge then pointing to the ground when he scores. It can only be a positive gesture. Just hope the referees don't scunner him in to getting itchy feet.

  3. He's gone in the summer.
    Only 2 questions for how much and where's he going.
    Spain would be good for Alfie in my opinion.
    Need a healthy sell on % installed.

  4. For his own sanity he should probably get out of Scotland where he is a marked man and is treated disgracefully by opposing players, fans and match officials. If this is an example of Scotland being a welcoming nation then we should all be embarrassed and ashamed. I know I am.

  5. Not a penny less than 40m
    Haller and Joelinton cost 45m ish and the couldn't score in a barrel of fannies ..He's our asset and we name the price

    • Add Solanke £19m and McBurnie £20m. And none of these players have done it at the highest level so they can't even claim he only plays in Scotland.

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