This can’t be true about Morelos, can it?

This can’t be true about Morelos, can it?

On the subject of Alfredo Morelos, some statistical digging of our Colombian maestro’s season has unearthed a pretty incredible factoid or two, and gives some idea of just why this lad is being valued in the stellar regions these days.

Ibrox Noise did some rooting around the archives and learned Alfredo Morelos has started 19 matches this season for Rangers, and only failed to score in four of those starts.

Every other time he’s started, in Europe or domestically, Morelos has scored once, twice or even three times, and of course now that he’s got one for his country too, he’s doing it on the international stage as well.

It’s a remarkable stat, and the only sides he’s started against that he hasn’t scored against were Feyenoord, Kilmarnock, the first leg of Progres, and the first v Legia.

Every other match in which he was named among the XI he’s scored.

Whatever way you want to spin it, this is an absolutely mouthwatering and astonishing record.

22 goals in 26 appearances overall is an absolutely staggering number. It’s among the best, statistically, in the world.

And he’s doing it against the best while he’s at it.

What a player.

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