Alfredo Morelos may have changed his mind…

Alfredo Morelos may have changed his mind…

For the best part of two seasons Alfredo Morelos has been telling us how much he admires Rangers but aches for the PL in England.

How his ambition is to play with the big guns in England and he’s actively seeking that move in the imminent future.

However, something may have changed over the past couple of months, and a number of fans have noticed it.

Despite what Freddo might say now and again about the Promised Land of the Premier League in England, Rangers are very close to Champions League football which is the absolute marquee competition of any type in Europe.

It is the only tournament/league/competition that even outranks the PL for illustriousness, even if the prize money doesn’t match the coffers available in the world’s richest football league, and even though most players want to play the PL these days, the Champions League is the one competition that competes for their affections.

Morelos is one hell of a player, but we cannot see a top four PL side bidding for him – to achieve that, he’ll need to prove his quality at PL level week-in-week out. Arsenal of course did pay £25M for Celtic’s Kieran Tierney, and you’d think they’re a top four team, but, of course, they’re not any more.

So to get UCL football, he either has to get a move to one of the big four finishers in the PL, or stay exactly where he is.

And we cannot help wondering if the UCL carrot is now as tempting if not more so to Morelos. Thanks to Rangers’ heroics the past two seasons, there is a very real possibility now that Scotland will rise in the Uefa rankings to clinch a second spot, so even if Rangers fail to win the league (unthinkable, we can do it) the Champions League spot remains attainable.

And that could, just could be enough to persuade this Colombian superstar to give up his PL dream for a season or two more.

A cold night at Norwich or a colossal glamour tie at the Camp Nou?

Got to be worth thinking about.

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  1. There is definitely logic in your article, and my heart hopes that you are right. My head, unfortunately, thinks he will consider that a cold night in Norwich is preferable to a cold night in Dingwall.
    But I will keep hoping…

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