The £50M Alfredo Morelos Celtic ‘fantasy’…

The £50M Alfredo Morelos Celtic ‘fantasy’…

We’re going to keep this one short and sweet.

Earlier on, while researching the Steven Gerrard won’t accept £50M for Alfredo Morelos story we came across the Obsessed, describing Gerrard as ‘crazy’ (now removed) and the idea as ‘fantasy’.

We like this.

Because the more miracles Morelos pulls off like tonight’s staggering double, the more delusional their fantastical and desperate denials look.

But but but he hasn’t scored against Celtic.

Who cares, getting a double in Rotterdam of that quality smashes anything he will ever do against the green and white lot.


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  1. Morelos just keeps shutting people up. Another 2 brilliant goals tonight. Scoring all types of goals against all types of opposition. He will go and will be a huge gap to fill.

  2. Alfredo does it again….Superb He shows what he is all about once again. The Rotten Mob know what he can do to their set up. I know tonight we again showed disgraceful defending for both Feyenoord goals , I would like to see Katic back in the team . On another point once again the BBC disrespects our Fabulous Team with shit backroom coverage . Disgrace Boycott Sportscene all Rangers Fans please .

  3. Needs to be kept until at least summer but imagine the implosion on timmoty land if he scores winner in Cup final. Wtp

  4. On behalf of the whole of Scottish Football, I want to thank RANGERS for pulling the Scottish Uefa co-efficient up to the point where we are now 15th, and in line for 2 champions league places and 3 Europa League places. And none of the teams will be starting at the first qualifying round.
    when we were languishing in the lower leagues what did Celtic and Aberdeen do? The co-efficient dropped like a stone to where the Scottish League were placed 26. As a result we have played 8 qualifying games.
    Thanks Rangers.

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