As Rangers near the UEL last 32, we ask a major question…

As Rangers near the UEL last 32, we ask a major question…

As Rangers travel into the Dutch regions to face Feyenoord of Rotterdam tonight, we ask a very important question that has become a genuinely feasible proposition:

How far can Rangers go in the Europa League?

The wins over this side and Portuguese giants and favourites for the tournament Porto have shown Rangers’ potential in this tournament cannot be underestimated.

Rangers travelled to Dragao and should have won. They lost in Switzerland but should in fact have won.

And they did of course win v the Dutch and the Portuguese.

Two massive sides who both had pretentions of taking away the trophy itself, and both succumbed to Rangers led by Steven Gerrard.

We have to be realistic – whether we do or do not secure passage to the KO rounds tonight, we will still have Young Boys in match day 6, and therefore two bites at the cherry to see if the last 32 is ours.

But the realism? Just how far are Rangers capable of going?

Steven Gerrard has assembled an outstanding squad with a modest budget, spending a fraction of the sides he’s facing and yet humbling the lot – should Rangers secure their place among the KO stages designs have to be made on going as far in this tournament as possible.

These are notions unthinkable when we travelled to Gibraltar pre-season and put away St Joseph’s – the notion of progress at this magnitude was not on the table.

It now is.

Of course, we have to get there, we have to achieve that place in the last 32, but should we do that, and it’s now very possible, we have as good a chance as anyone of doing major things in this tournament.

No one will want to face Rangers, especially not at Ibrox.

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  1. This will truly be a great achievement , especially considering where we were after the disgraceful treatment we were dished out from ALL of the establishment ALL bar a couple of Scottish Teams, built on lies and supposition and downright hatred . We are there because of all the great work by our board especially Mr David King . Also our superb Manager and his support staff and Mark Allen. I also obviously include our excellent squad who have delivered in all competitions. Pride and Great Joy will be in evidence for all of our forthcoming glories .WATP GSTQ

  2. Anything other than defeat tonight would be a fantastic result. In all honesty a defeat is quite likely. That would put everything onto the last game and we'd be under tremendous pressure to get the result we would then need. On that basis I would rather not speculate on how far we can go. Qualifying through 4 rounds to the group stage in consecutive seasons is a great achievement and at the start of each campaign I would have happily settled for that. Anything else is a bonus.

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