58% of Rangers fans polled want axed hero back but Stevie G says no

58% of Rangers fans polled want axed hero back but Stevie G says no

We’ve been discussing the delightful ‘problem’ of Niko Katic and Filip Helander of late.

Rangers’ defence has been outstanding recently, and despite our misgivings of Helander’s competence in the SPL, the stats don’t lie and Rangers have conceded few and been almost watertight in the Europa League especially.

Helander, whether you like his style or not, has statistically delivered in the Rangers shirt.

But this does still leave the question of Niko Katic – even Helander’s biggest admirers believe the Croat has been treated a little unfairly and Ibrox Noise was curious over whether the readership want to see him back in the shirt, regardless of current defensive attainment.

The numbers were intriguing.

In an Ibrox Noise poll, 58% of fans wanted Katic back in the team, regardless of who he’d be replacing, while 42% want the current duo untouched.

It’s not exactly a split down the middle, but it does show that despite the impressive defensive performances recently, Katic is still sought to start.

In fairness, many appear to want a Katic Helander duo, but then as we demonstrated, he and Goldson’s stats in the UEL are almost exactly the same.

So it’s 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

Either way, Katic remains very popular with fans, and we do wonder just how big a role he’ll play this season.

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  1. Helander reads the game like a veteran, you can see his vision helps him. I love katic but theres an argument helander is 1st choice and katic/goldson are should be fighting it out. Helanders lack of pace always worries me but he doesnt seem to get caught out…

  2. I always considered Goldson as our top central defender, but now Helander is running him close. Not much between them, although they have different styles.

    It is tough on Katic, and Edmundson. But that's what happens at big clubs, all across the world there are excellent players who spend most of their time on the bench because there are "better" players keeping them out of the team. I am sure that 99.9% of Rangers fans like Katic for his attitude and endeavour, however winning games is the most important thing and as long as we are doing that then no there should be no complaints over the team selection.

  3. I remember David Weir. Never had any pace to lose as he got older.
    But the first few yards are all in the head and reading of the game, so he rarely git caught out. Perhaps our Viking will be the same

  4. I feel for Katic and Edmundson. I think we should try and rotate, in games we are dead cert, to win. I'd still like to see a Katic Edmundson and the various combos we haven't yet tried. But that can wait, until the heat is off.

  5. I was gutted when Katic was dropped again , but you can't ignore the results since….Helander and Goldson have been excellent of late….plus you've got McGregor behind them which must give them added confidence…..as long as it's not broken why change…just my opinion…WATP FGAU

  6. This is life I'm afraid , Katic has just signed a new contract , so he must be happy enough . he probably wants a start , yes , but for SG and us fans we now have a good quality CB to come in at any given time Can only be a god sign

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