“Cetic wont be there” – another deranged Parkhead fan obsessed with Rangers…

“Cetic wont be there” – another deranged Parkhead fan obsessed with Rangers…

Yesterday Ibrox Noise received an email from an old friend of decades ago. He may even be reading this right now and he is a loyal follower of the other side of the city.

Yes, indeed, we receive HUNDREDS of emails, comments and otherwise from the East End on a weekly basis – we wish this was an exaggeration for pure impact but sadly it literally does go into the numerous three figure range, but this particular message amused us.

Indeed, here it is:

“Hi, you might win the game on the 7th as you stated but CELTIC wont be there? They will be winning another cup on the 8th? Oh! Dear.

In fairness to this chap, he was able to spell a little better than his brethren can, but given our recollection of his college days and his subsequent professional career, we’re genuinely stunned how poorly he compiled the message (he became a lecturer).

Nevertheless, the message amused us not because of who it was (albeit that more saddened us than anything) but because he’d taken the time to use a pedantic error for point scoring.

Does anything else indicate more the fear from Parkhead than thinking a factual date inaccuracy is a valid reason to prove Celtic will win the Betfred Cup?

We, more than normal, are receiving a startling number of comments from the Dark Side, ranging from light-hearted jibes and mockery to outright bigotry and hate mail. The whole spectrum is covered, and we have to say the tone has become more frequent and more venomous ever since Steven Gerrard gave us what is seriously looking like Our Rangers again.

They fear us. We scare them. They know they’ve not got a walkover this season. And that’s showing through.

We don’t really want to talk about Celtic on here, and indeed we generally only relate to them in response to their conduct towards us.

But the fact is they show the signs of worried supporters.

It is still slightly early days in the season, but not an infancy any more, and the more rubbish the green and white throw at us on the site, the more it tells us about what they’re thinking.

And we like it.

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  1. Ainy you a cowardly bastard all the same hiding behind this to have ago atc you cowardly cunt,is it because we are in the last 32while you kilkie fiddler's are struggling. In a pub team group,is it because we are going for 9 iar while you Micky mouse clubo has the fish n chips cup to it's horrible history,it must be hard you jimmy savilles haven't to live in our shadows all your life,king and slippy about to fallout 10m. Needed to get you lot thought and then you I breds tell us your a big club🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂bid clubs don't live hand to mouth so keep raging while we keep laughing at you basket case and we know you pond life hates us Tim's laughing at you the lesser peepul it eats away at you cheating scum,and we're going to g to have some laughing the new year "come on over to our place hey hundreds were having a party we'll be singing dancing and swinging do come over tonight😂😂😂😂😂😂roll o the 8th we will do what we done at the asbestos dome another Sunday massacre keep raging Inbred your sister will still have sex with you😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Says ‘unknown’. Quite.

      Incidentally this charming chap messages us dozens of times a day with comments like that.

    • Hey scum bag what hole did you just crawl out off.
      You still covering up for the Priests, Frank Cairney, Torbett and that other paedo freak that had free reign running through your depraved club, is not about time you f*cked off back to the wee paedophile state across the water, ya bunch of mongrels.

    • Fuck scud the spud is back,wondered what happened to him,

    • I would like to reply to unknown, but I would not know where to start. He is a terrible indictment of our education system. That's Edyoukashon for our friends from the east.
      I honestly can't understand half of what he is saying and the parts I can are laughable. Thank you IN for letting one of the more literate comments through, god knows what the rest must be like.
      But this is only going to get worse as we approach our rightful place in Scottish football. The unwashed will be foaming at the mouth.
      We are coming. We are nearly there. Be afraid. Be very afraid

    • Where do they teach these clowns over the water how to read and write if i was you I'd save my self the embarasment and just not message make you look like the stupid cunt you probably are plus I bet you even had spell check on and still fucked it fucking idiot

  2. I can smell their fear from hear,mixed in with a few other odours.
    They are scum always were always will be

  3. Yes IN this continued obsession with us is very real. The Rotten Mob are true bigots as are their so called supporters. Sunday another example of their disrespect towards our war hero's and remembrance. Scum. We do scare them once again as we have the beating of this overstated and overated bunch for 2 seasons . Anyone who watched the Lazio game should believe that there were so lucky !! Gerrard knows what he needs to do to to win the Title and I'm positive we will succeed. As far as the Rotten Mob they deserve nothing except to be beaten and be put in their place …WATP

  4. Wouldn't expect anything less from that lot and as time goes on it will get even worse,But hey its all about the Famous and Most Successful Club In The World and long may it Continue, Can't wait to get my next Tattoo and what a Birthday year that will be 55 55 55 55 55…..watp

  5. What a mouth on that guy, NOT the one you grew up with. You can't help, who your old friends are. Be the better men and just delete and ignore. The regulars on this site, don't talk that way. I like to think we have more class.

  6. 😂 😂 😂 what a fool that comment just shows them for what they are this mad sevco obsessed cult lead by phil is actually making an unstable lot completely loopy 😂😂😂🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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