Did Rangers miss a big trick v Liverpool?

Did Rangers miss a big trick v Liverpool?

Yesterday Rangers Legends and Liverpool Legends fought out a keenly-fought contest, a number of players looking like they could very much still do the business today.

But while this was an all-round feelgood occasion (even if the Light Blues lost) we can’t help sensing a half time pitch appearance from Gazza would have been the icing on the cake.

Maybe playing the game is a little beyond his health these days, but with legends like Gough, Steven and Albertz on the Hallowed Turf, Gazza at half time might just have raised the roof even more than it already was.

Steven Gerrard and Gascoigne never actually played together – two players from very different eras, but with the strong English historical presence at Ibrox from Trevor Steven’s era, Gascoigne’s own amazing time at Ibrox and now Gerrard taking the reins, we really think the club missed a bit of a trick there.

Of course there’s a lot of legends who didn’t feature in this one who have in past efforts – in 2012 Rangers faced Milan and notably Brian Laudrup was in the Light Blue that day, having played for both teams in his career – Gascoigne doesn’t have a link to Liverpool, but of course he did play for Everton back in the day.

As, of course, did Trevor Steven.

Anyway, Gazza or no Gazza, it was a special occasion for both clubs, and certainly for the manager.

And the fans loved his cameo in our colours.

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  1. I don't know if Gazza was asked and he may have not been physically fit to do so. But I would have definitely put him in the jersey as one of my first picks any day of the week!

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