Steven Gerrard has just been forced into a £6M decision


There’s little doubt Rangers’ display v Celtic today, aside Steven Gerrard’s inept management and poor choices, really lacked urgency, sparkle and invention.

It had effectively no shots on target, apart from two tame Ojo and Aribo efforts, and it harks back to the difference the last time Rangers faced Neil Lennon’s men on their own turf:

Ryan Kent.

We had a comment on the site today suggesting this performance was an omen as to why Steven Gerrard is so desperate to get the winger back, and indeed our own Derek suggested similarly that the pace and energy Kent brought to Rangers last season, especially over the split, even despite our excellent start this season, has nevertheless been missing this campaign, and today’s performance may just have entirely vindicated that opinion.

There is little doubt that despite the terrible system and player selection, there was also a huge loss of energy and workrate – unacceptable of course against Celtic, but we have to look deeper as to why it happened.

Why did a Celtic without a defence find a rampant home side unable to even land a glove on them, and we must concede Kent may just have helped make a hell of a difference.

True, Gerrard made a huge pig’s ear of starting with no wingers, and an inherently narrow formation – there was absolutely no pace despite Ojo and Jones in the squad.

But Kent really did add something that neither of those two was able to when they arrived in the second half – and it becomes apparent now that Rangers are in a position that re-signing Kent has become a must.

It may well cost the reported £6M, but it’s money this club must spend to ensure the squad does not fall apart after this horrible result, and indeed is energised by his return and better prepared for the next Celtic match.

There was a lack of a lot today. Management, coherence, gameplan, and performances. But one thing can be regained in energy and workrate just by bringing the 22-year old back.

It will cost money, but it’s money we may have no option but to spend.


  1. Must agree but must ask who else made errors today?

    How many “hangers-on does a manager have”?

    Was SG not challenged by McCulloch for example? If not why not ?

  2. Let's be honest Rangers always played well against Celtic with 5 at the back even when we had the better players. Not about signing 1 player we have to re- group big time and over to Dave King for some serious investment over the next year. Celtic did not exactly cut us open – there main players were all extremely quiet. Where they were better – got their tactics spot on and never let Rangers get into the game. Kamara + Aribo require too much time on the ball which you do not get in the old firm matches. Quite simple better quality or continue to finish 2nd – not rocket science.

  3. He got it completely wrong tactics team formation substitutions etc why does he keep on making changes every week, when was the last time he played the same team two games in a row he should not be blaming the players for the problems it is him and his side kicks who dictate how they want them to play and quite frankly its not good enough more so against a less than average Celtic team who were there for the taking

  4. 6 million for 6 goals and 6 assists in the SPL, I don't think is worth it and it might send a message out that we've panicked. Still 102 points available this season.

  5. We need to win our home games against them. Can we really afford 6m. Not sure if it's good business. Glad Morelos is staying tho

  6. Yes it's a disappointment. Even Walter & Ferguson got their tactics wrong occasionally.
    This may actually be the best thing to happen to us. We actually gave the game to Celtic,but it showed us that they are actually not that good. They will keep the biscuit tin closed now that they won this game.
    Give Aribo a chance…many players have been caught like a rabbit in headlights first old firm game. Every other team is beatable & the same tactics will not be used again.
    Remember it's a marathon not a sprint.
    We need to keep the Heidi & keep supporting the the team.

  7. I'm as gutted as evry fan but we made a mistake for 1st goal & were chasing equaliser for 2nd.well we won't play as badly against them again & SG will learn from today about his selection & his players keep the faith

  8. Press high and break fast has worked wvery time we do it but for some reason the last couple of games has seen us resort to press low and take 10 passes to get in opposition half. When we play against a team who has everyone behind the ball we need to be fast when we get the chance, I have not seen that v St Mirren, Killie or Celtic today and before anyone says anything I seen a few times today Celtic had all players in own half defending, when they break and lose possession thats our time to break fast but its not happening😡

  9. Calm down the leagues not won on one game so this early in the season,last year at this stage we were 7 points behind,
    learn from it and move on

  10. Let’s say now 2 September

    Not rocket science no more signing then I fear the bookies have it right now – SG will have us finish behind Celtic …. he has missed his chance big time. Remember the 1st Sept the day Celtic “turned” the league!

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