Shock transfer – did Steven Gerrard make a big error?

Shock transfer – did Steven Gerrard make a big error?

This summer Steven Gerrard made a controversial decision which frankly displeased fans – he put Ross McCrorie out on loan and later signed Andy King from Leicester.

Meanwhile a number of weeks later, McCrorie’s traditional rival for the slot, Glen Kamara, admits his form has not been good enough this campaign and that’s why he hasn’t played as much.

We can’t help but feeling this situation maybe could have been handled a little better,

Obviously hindsight is 20/20 and it’s one thing to espouse knowledge ‘after the fact’, but the reality is McCrorie was an exceptionally popular player who was developing at an excellent rate, but Gerrard felt he’d be better off doing that at Portsmouth, who have even gone so far as to deploy him at RB when we all know the lad struggles in defence.

Meanwhile we still don’t really understand why we brought Andy King in on loan.

It all adds up to a situation where Kamara is out of form and we have no clue why a washed-up and out of favour Leicester midfielder is here on loan, while McCrorie was dumped to League One.

It seems, to us, and we don’t profess to be geniuses here, that it would have been a better situation to have McCrorie and Kamara, two bright young players, pushing each other for that same slot, as Gerrard so eagerly regales the virtues of, rather than ditching one of them and bringing in a loan instead.

Kamara has really struggled – and a major reason for that could well be the loss of a rival for his slot. No one else in Rangers’ team is like Kamara – indeed, he’s the only player of that nature now, the combative defensive midfielder with composure on the ball, but McCrorie certainly excels at the combative stuff while doing all the dirty work and still being able to pick out a pass.

Steven Davis, Joe Aribo and Ryan Jack aren’t that kind of player, in Jack’s case not any more, and the only other is Greg Docherty who spent a year developing as an attacking midfielder.

Indeed, the only other player really we do have to push Kamara is King, and King is a loan, and the ‘pushing’ thing in this case clearly isn’t working.

It just seems a bit off – Kamara has gone from a Kante in waiting last season to an out-of-form midfielder who’s struggling to get in the team.

And we can’t really blame anyone other than Steven Gerrard for that.

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  1. how many more up and coming youngsters are Rangers going to put out on loan, just to find when they go put on loan they play great, why can,t our in house trainers not get the best out of them, and then draft them in to the first team, would that not be good idea! or do we have to send them out even after they have proved to be good enough,we might have a back bone of young players then,there is no insensitive to youngsters,to send them out from the very team they wished or dreamed to play in.

  2. Andy King was brought in to be a goal scoring midfielder not to compete with kamara in the defensive role. So that comparison is wrong the player who should be in the huff about King is docherty he has disappeared from all squads since King appeared which I feel is harsh on him. As for mccorrie he is still rash and needs to improve his passing to develop further. The Portsmouth coach has already stated he needs to work on his discipline. Personally I would rather he learned there than get sent off playing for us. He will come back next year hopefully much improved.

  3. Agree 10000000000% we RANGERS, appear to want to spend needless monies to bring in English league players who can't get a game down there, then after races reports, get shot of up and coming starlets.
    The other cases is bring in cross aka Grezda Yadda Yadda Yadda

    Then wonder why the Scotland team has no Bears passed u21 level

  4. At the end off the day it's only 1game against septic ,4 games in as Nd I blame Gerrard for the tactics,why did he. Not play the same team as Thursday,you don't gamble against the SEPTIC, here's hoping he's learned ah bit more about the old firm,1game lost on ah good run,wee need to win something to give us hope, can wee afford Kent,can that put us under,were did the money come from,WATP and Always Will be…..Iam ah happy Rangers fan, happy with the way the club is Going

  5. McCrorie requested the move away as he couldn't be guaranteed the game time he was looking for

    Gutted to see him go but will be delighted to see him back as a better player

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