The BBC once again show blatant hate for Rangers


The BBC have once again shown their absolute contempt for Rangers with their latest show of subtle hatred towards all things Ibrox.

As Rangers fans will recall, Ryan Jack’s recall into the Scotland side barely merited a mention on the story about Steve Clarke’s squad to face Russia and Belgium, despite the standout nature of his inclusion and the talk it generated.

And yet tonight, Kyle Lafferty’s recall into the NI squad gets headline precedence – the moment he’s left Rangers to join Norwegians Sarpsborg.

It’s beyond laughable to watch the blatant, and subtle, digs at Rangers with how the BBC, and specifically Pacific Quay, continue to conduct themselves.

This feud from Rangers’ side ended a long time ago – the club doesn’t care about the BBC – the boycott is entirely on their side now, bar the behaviour of Chris McLaughlin – we presume he is still barred, but no one else is, and they refuse to engage with our club.

And this Lafferty nonsense, while subtle, is yet more comical and brazen evidence of just how much they hate us and continue to do so.

No one Likes Us…


  1. Perhaps it is time to stop paying their licence fee. After all this Scottish Government have encouraged civil disobedience with the non payment of the “Poll Tax” as well as foster relations with the Irish vote. Is it not the time to stop this Irish influence in BBC Glasgow?

    • Theres no need to pay ANY tv licence fee,if you dont have a tv,watch it on a laptop,tablet,mobile or projector screen streamed fuck them cunts timtv

      WATP money saving expert👍

  2. Chris McLaughlin or the BBC are not banned it is a voluntary ban as Rangers removed his press privileges he can pay like anyone else to watch our team Stop paying your tv licence as we are not getting the same coverage as the other teams cant wait till we win a trophy and see them wondering about interviewing the losers

  3. Ahh! The BBC what more can we say about the continuous and chronic abuse of Rangers.
    Their stoogies under the BBC paymaster General are a parcel of rogues in their stations.
    Then we move on to Michael Stewart with the motto smear Rangers "Any which way you can". In fact that reminds me of the Clint Eastwood film under the same name and he had a red headed monkey called Clyde. I think we get more sense out of Clyde than Stewart

    • "Unknown" politics has no place in football – Rangers play in the SPL, we are a Scottish football team. And there are some like me who hate the Unionist and GSTQ crap that goes on in our stadium. Each to their own but you have to respect that some people just don't subscribe to the politics in our inclusive club.

  4. What on earth are you talking about?Poll Tax = 1989
    Scottish Parliament = 1999
    Did they use a time machine?

    And what Irish vote are they fostering?
    Does the BBC stand for election in Glasgow?

    And what Irish influence in the "BBC Glasgow"? Can you point to a person, incident, or anything else at all to demonstrate that?

    Anti-Rangers does not automatically mean pro-Irish.

  5. It's one of the Eastend watchers, obsessed with everything Rangers.
    Why don't you piss off back to your sinister, childish name calling sites and have good wee chatter about your depraved clubs paedophile activities.
    I heard you lot were disappointed you never got the Young Boys of Berne in Your group.
    Has the Kerrydale accountants worked out how much in compensation you will be paying out to the victims

  6. It's just another price of the Political and BBC SFA hatred of Rangers not forgetting the slash press (joke!) we suffer . The only way to silence all of these bastards is to win the league the silence will be deafening…

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