Rage at Rugby Park – bias against Rangers getting ludicrous


We will look through the massive 3 points gained at Rugby Park in more detail over the coming while, but something in Kilmarnock may have bypasses a number of onlookers, and showed both the appalling standard of refereeing that continues to blight our game, plus the unfair disparity of matches involving Rangers.

Early in this one Kirk Broadfoot and Alfredo Morelos got together for a physical tussle – it ended with Broadfoot literally hurling Morelos to the floor. No action taken.

Later on, Alan Power led with his elbow on Borna Barisic, putting the Croat on the floor having suffered a blow to the face. No action taken.

Morelos grabbed a home jersey in a needless off-ball collision and sent them to the floor. Foul given. Action taken.

Ultimately it all ended well for Rangers, a huge three points, but it is telling that these three confrontations all ended up favouring the home side despite two of them being committed by them.

Is it any wonder we complain about refereeing decisions when they’re this bad – this inconsistent and this seemingly consistently against Rangers?

This isn’t us whining and blaming the referee for a loss – we won, in case anyone didn’t notice. No, this is just poor officiating and how both Power and Broadfoot escaped bookings on those occasions we’ll never know.

Furthermore, it was clear had Morelos been the one hurling Broadfoot (or anyone else) to the floor like that, he’d have received action against him or a booking. And guess what – he did.

It makes Rangers’ life more difficult when the standard of officiating is this low – when we cannot trust the officials to take the right action the majority of the time.

And it’s always curious how it seems to go against Rangers more often than not.

Que sera.


  1. I 100 percent agree Broadfoot should have been booked. Congratulations to Morelos for not reacting.

  2. It's clear to me that Morelos has to leave because he just won't get any breaks from Scottish referees. Every challenge is a foul and I got the feeling Collum was itching to get the card out. And you're correct, had Morelos thrown Broadfoot to the ground he would've been booked if not sent off.

  3. The establishment is in full swing against us🤳
    Sir Gerrard pulled a cracker around the 90th minute when is totally blanked the establishment official💪


  4. There was also an incident when Power took the legs off Greg Stewart, making no contact with the ball, now this was in the dying embers of the game but that shouldn’t have made any difference, it was a clear booking and having already been booked he should’ve been off. The ref gave Rangers a free kick so clearly acknowledged the foul but no action taken against Power. However had that been Morelos regardless off when it happened he would’ve been booked.

  5. Morelos out muscles their winger, foul. Broadfoot levels morelos by going straight through the back of him, no foul. The we gollom bastard is jsut being a little more cute with his decision making.

  6. Just wait till we get VAR. Then we can all watch in disbelief as they get decisions wrong after multiple viewings.

  7. Agree that the ref let Power and Broadfoot away with murder but I didn`t see Morelos get booked . When did that happen ?

  8. The one on Borna wasn't a yellow card there was minimal contact. However I agree completely with everything else. Fuck the SFA.

  9. I have always tended to defend the integrity of referees, by thinking that they are just incompetent as opposed to biased. But watching today's refereeing, it really is impossible not to conclude that there is more than just incompetence going on. Definitely Rangers players were treated much more harshly than Kilmarnock players.
    Hats off today to Alfredo, for keeping his cool and refusing to get dragged into confrontations.

  10. You only have to look at the fixtures last season Aberdeen at home Rangers away to them last game of the season away to Killie referee Collum this season Aberdeen at home us away to Killie Referee Collum he had not refereed a game involving us for months after his cock up at love street the decisions he made today were absolutely disgraceful and apparently the new lady? pundit on the bbc is Chris Mc Laughlins partner so instead of two fxxxies Thompson and Stewart we now have three fxxxies

  11. What game were you at or watching I think you should take your blue tinted glasses off. Tell the truth no more sh###. And I also think we were rubbish. True blue.

  12. Agree with everything said and more,but the reality is that this isn't going to change anytime soon and unless/until we get better players to destroy every opposition that's in front of us by scoring a barrowload of goals and not worry about the deliberate cheating from the establishment (you know who you are) then I honestly can't see us winning the league and let's be honest this has been going on for a long period of time and for me the only way to sort this out is by getting someone else in with money to burn, just my opinion…..watp

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