It’s all about the Rangers, for Celtic

It’s all about the Rangers, for Celtic

Whatever the nitty-gritty of the latest court ruling over Rangers, which we’ll get to another time, maybe, is the fact that despite their team winning in the Champions League and signing players, Celtic fans only care about what’s going on at Ibrox.

It’s been a long-standing joke, that they’re obsessed, but the reality is even truer than fiction.

A close friend of Ibrox Noise was recently travelling via our Firstrail’s finest, and saw a group of Celtic fans chatting among themselves. Regular readers of the site won’t be shocked to hear what the topic of their conversation was. Well, in among the swigs of beer and swearing.

We just never fail to be amused that no matter the weather, the temperature, whatever is happening anywhere, the green and whites just keep on swarming over everything Rangers.

Sure, many of you are reading this thinking aren’t we doing the same thing – talking about them?

Technically, we don’t really know much about what’s going on in that side of the city – we never go on Celtic sites, never look at their news, and anything we learn is accidental.

Whereas, as you can see, the esteemed ‘Sean’ and ‘Fitzy’ have nothing better to do than talk about us.

Rangers have a match tonight, and that is the most important thing to us – but it doesn’t mean we won’t cover the nonsense elsewhere in the Scottish game.

No, it really is all about the Rangers.

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  1. Can you blame them with the little rocket man for a manager✈


  2. To be honest, someone told me of a site called Kerrydale St and I went on it once, after we won an OF game, to watch them cry.
    That apart, I have no interest in what they or the mutton molesters do. I will laugh when we win, don't care about them – except I don't want them to get into CL. They will get as many if not more ranking points for Scotland in Europa and less money

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