Alfredo Morelos’ true asking price revealed


Sky Sources have revealed Rangers’ asking price for Alfredo Morelos is £15M, and as long as at least that or more is bid, the Colombian is likely to be sold if the deal suits him.

The former HJK man was reported to have rejected a £200K pw deal from Chinese SuperLeague side Hebei Fortune, due to lack of interest on the player’s part to go East at this point in his career.

Alfredo Morelos’ ambition is England – he will accept a good offer from the continent too, but his first preference would be England, but this offer, from China, clearly doesn’t fit that and Morelos wasn’t interested.

But it’s that £15M price tag which is the most illuminating.

Managing Director Stewart Robertson suggested some months ago that Rangers would seek £20M, or ‘around about what Celtic got for Dembele’.

Well, it seems that those expectations have been reduced a touch and the desired number is now £5M less.

Which, in all fairness, most fans would still happily take at this point for the striker.

By no means an ever-present this pre-season, Morelos is no longer Steven Gerrard’s favourite player, and all the praise lavished on the striker last season vanished post that red card, and his manager ran out of patience.

It is also clear Morelos ignored Gerrard’s (tongue in cheek?) plea to make some kind of statement or appear before the press to clear the issue up, so, evidently the manager is fed up with it all.

We really would love an end to this saga, but there appears none in sight.

But now we know his true asking price.


  1. How would SKY know when the deal with the Chinese never got as far as the club .The reporter also said upward of £15 million. Price must be at least £20million if McBurnie went for that price.

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