Three questions over Ryan Kent as winger fails to impress…


As if we weren’t already bored enough as it was about Ryan Kent, the Liverpool winger has been in the news again.

Back at Anfield and putting in an appearance for Jurgen Klopp’s men against Tranmere at Prenton Park, Kent’s level became apparent as he struggled to make any kind of impact, bar a couple of glimpses here and there, and we’ve long said on the site that while he looks periodically brilliant for Rangers, he evidently isn’t of the standard required at Liverpool and that showed.

It wasn’t like he was awful, he wasn’t, he just didn’t stand out, and didn’t get enough of the ball while not using it well enough when he did.

But the main talking point is his future, and the claim and counter claim by the press as to what Klopp wants to do with him.

Some reports allege Rangers have been given first refusal on a loan – which basically means Kent gets no say in where he goes, and Rangers would be the ones recalling him. And that wouldn’t be ideal to have a player who clearly doesn’t see Rangers as his first choice, and certainly not on loan, come here outwith his own volition.

Others are claiming Klopp has outright blocked Kent from going back out on loan – they claim he will be used as a squad player, for some depth, and, to be cynically honest, we don’t even think he’s good enough for that at Liverpool.

And then there’s the ‘no decision taken’ reports that say Klopp is simply continuing to run the rule over the likes of he and Harry Wilson and decide later on what he wants to do with the two youngsters.

Neither of them seem to be good enough for the standard needed at Liverpool now – the Scousers have elevated themselves into world-beaters the past two seasons, and to even be in their squad now requires a special player.

And that means Kent will struggle to break through – opening the door for Steven Gerrard. But with Jordan Jones now starting to motor in a Rangers shirt, and Jake Hastie in backup, is Kent even a player Rangers need?

Do we want to spend another year developing him for Liverpool?

Or is it time to just draw a line under this one and move on, permanently?

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  1. Get him back for another season. Jake Hattie still has time on his side and Jones might take some time to adapt or could turn out to be another o'halloran. Kent's played well and knows the team and instructions. Getting him back will only add to our chances of 55. WATP FTP GSTQ

  2. Not the be all and end all but no harm in having an other option on that side for a vitally important season. I think he’d improve his goals/assists numbers if given an other season also. His work rate is good and he’s the first player we’ve had in a while who scares the forces of darkness, so why not?

  3. Personally I'd rather we stuck with what we've got and give McPake a chance as sub etc. Kent has a lot of skill, but he's to slow decision wise, takes to long to decide to cross, always tries to keep beating players and lets defenders get back.

    Lets improve our own lot 1st.

  4. i would rather we go after a decent centre forward than another winger especially as we have already signed ojo, hastie, jones and stewart if you count him as a winger, get a powerful centre forward in first

  5. Murphy was a better player before his injury, and I hope he comes back soon. Dont really need Kent anymore, especially as Ojo looks the part, and we have plenty of wingers. He wont get a game for Liverpool next season though, so I'd still take him. Agree that another striker is far more important.

  6. We have enough left wingers. Unless cheap or a signing, let's develop our own players. I like him, but unless we can afford him he is not part of our future.

  7. Jake hattie played for 45 minutes and put two brilliant crosses in that should have been goals,,,, I don't remember ryan kent doing that in a whole season.

  8. would be in rangers best intrest to sign him for another year ,only if he wants to wear the royal blue ,young man gave his all for the gers ,think it would be a walk in the park for him this season r,t,i,d

  9. My opinion he flatters to deceive, yes he can beat a man, yes he's got a bit of pace but the majority of time his final product fails to make any real impact – so me, wouldn't bother me if he doesn't return

  10. Definitely bring Kent back, if we can. From what I have read, Kent has said that he wants to come back to Rangers, and on that basis Rangers have been given first refusal if Klopp decides not too keep him at Liverpool next season.
    Now of course there are many different stories of what is going to happen, so who really knows. But worth bringing him back to compete with Jones and Murphy on the left, the stronger the options we have available the better chance of success.
    I agree that we need to add another proven goalscorer.

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