Stay or go – £20M or not – Rangers summer warchest depends on Alfredo Morelos

Stay or go – £20M or not – Rangers summer warchest depends on Alfredo Morelos

With Rangers’ plunging around £4M into the signing of Filip Helander, fans might be forgiven for thinking the summer budget is being stretched a touch.

That said, we are rather happy here at Ibrox Noise at seeing so many decent players acquired for so little, while the marquee signings begin up for the big money later – but if Rangers supporters had worried the spending would stop there, we’d suggest otherwise.

Speculation remains rife over Alfredo Morelos’ future, and after various sources said he had gone to London to speak with both Crystal Palace and West Ham, while bids in the region of £15M plus addons had been mentioned, it became abundantly clear that if/when the Colombian is sold, the cash his sale generates will go straight back into the playing squad giving Steven Gerrard potentially three, maybe four more excellent players to budget for.

In short, while the past two summers saw £10M spent each under Pedro Caixinha then Stevie G last time around, there were no big-money sales to help that at all – the basic budget remained that £10M which didn’t have a hope in hell of challenging Celtic.

Now, with the very serious possibility Alfredo will be sold for a number approaching £20M, Gerrard will have almost two full months to use that cash and sign the likes of Kemar Roofe etc – players who will not come cheap but will finally arrive given the manager’s serious hard cash he would now have at his disposal.

And that’s the kind of budget he just won’t get without selling.

The plan this season was to get as many frees and low-cost players as possible, who would still be of the level required, to replace the dead wood in the squad. Now that Gerrard has mostly done that, the next stage is to use the usual £10M to acquire two, maybe three top players. Filip Helander appears to be the first. And one maybe two others could follow.

However, to go any further, to get any more beyond this needs the sale – it’s not critical to sell Morelos, but the money really would give Gerrard a major warchest.

So, whether Morelos stays or goes Rangers do seem to have a significantly superior squad and first XI to last season’s – but if the sale of the Colombian can be reached for a good number, suddenly Rangers are genuine title contenders.

If they aren’t already.

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  1. My preference would be to keep Morelos. Even if we did get £20m, it is far from certain that even a couple of £5m front players would match Morelos 30 goals in a season. Surely Morelos will have learnt from his indiscipline last season, and spend much less time suspended. At least I would hope so…

  2. I have to agree with Alanc he is capable albeit not against the Rotten Mob , of 30 goals at least … however if Alfredo does go and he does want to go then fine if the money is right . Kemmar Roofe would be a good signing .

  3. Alanc same here, I don't care if we sign any more. But keeping Alfredo would be great. But if he he goes? We are going to be champions this season

  4. I don`t get how you think that £4 million for Helander stretches the budget .It only takes our spend this window to £5 million hardly an amount that breaks the bank .Season ticket sales and shirt sales will cover this no problem. If we don`t sell Morelos we won`t need anyone else in, although we may take Kent on loan.We also should take in some money from the sale of Lafferty, Grezda etc so I`ve no worries about the money spent.

    • It means there's £5M left! Rather than £7M left like there was after Goldson, or £8M after Pena, we now have circa £5M left which gives just a little less leeway than before.

    • Let's not get too carried away with money here guys…wages are also in there too…we need to off load Dorrans and a couple of others too. Our finances are the best they've been for ages thanks to the Board Mr King George Taylor Donald Park etc. If we do sell Alfredo we will definitely need another striker as we already do at the moment as well .

  5. A would like morales to stay and a think wee should sign Greg Taylor a think he would settle better than borna and have no problem playing on killie Hamilton or livingstone ground

  6. Keep Morelos, spend 5 on Roofe and have 3 quality strikers, get Kent back then I will be absolutely delighted with this Summer. Strengthened where we needed to and hopefully the Swede is decent.

  7. Even if Morelos stays we still need another striker in to push Defoe to third choice because if Morelos gets injured I would not be happy with Defoe in for a number of games,he can't last 90 minutes and if Defoe gets injured who is left?

  8. We let a good young sticker Lawrence Shakland go to Dundee United, should've made a bid for him let him learn of Defoe, then if we did sell Alfie get Roofe in. Would also go for Greg Taylor challenge Barasic for LB spot, then possibly try and buy Kent with rest

  9. As we will not have Kent and we will not get £15m for Morelos, we will have to look at our own younger players who by the way beat Huddersfield 9 – 1 and don’t give me that they are to young if some of you can go back they said that weeWullie was to young to take over from Scott , Scott was sold to Everton, Forest was to young to take over from J Miller but he became our top scorer, that is the future of Rangers,

  10. The problem with Morelos is that he is not guaranteed to get another 30 goals or behave himself though I think 30 goals is more likely than the latter. I haven't forgotten the anger and frustration I felt after his red card against Ceptic. I can imagine we let the window close without selling him then he will let us all down again.

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