Steven Gerrard has just taken this strange step – right or wrong?


Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has taken the highly unusual step of officially announcing the formal price of Filip Helander, in a move rarely to never seen in modern football.

Rather than ‘undisclosed sum’ as usual, Gerrard surprisingly confirmed Helander set Rangers back exactly £3M, and considers it a bargain for a player of his quality.

Curiously enough this proves Sky Sources were significantly wrong in claiming Helander was £3.2M-£3.5M, and also that the original speculated price from most outlets of £4.2M was completely incorrect as well.

It is close to unheard of for a manager to actually quote the exact price for a player, and even more interestingly this means Helander cost Gerrard the same as Connor Goldson apparently did, to the penny.

Which either suggests Rangers paid slightly over the odds for Goldson (we suspect that’s possible) or got Helander for a bargain (also possible – perhaps both have a semblance of truth about them).

Regardless, Gerrard, unlike any other signings this summer, has now revealed the official price tag over Helander’s head, and that is a very curious move that we’re puzzled by.



  1. I don't think it is either right or wrong to tell people what the fee was. I know, it is unusual for Rangers, it does of course show that the "media" just make up transfer fees.

    It might be… that given lots of reports that Helander was the biggest transfer fee that Rangers had paid in recent times, Stevie decided that by announcing that it was "only" £3m (the same as Goldson) that it would ease pressure on Helander as being reported as the most expensive signing Rangers had made.

  2. Ibrox noise,i don't think for a minute we paid over the odds for connor goldson at £3million.I just can't understand at times, why a minority and trust me it is a minority of our supporters,have a go at connor goldson.As far as i'm concerned he's well worth the £3million we forked out for him,last season.He's a good, footballing centre half in my eyes and has always been the first choice centre half, up 'till now,in steven gerrard's eyes also.I do however agree,that there was a wee lull in his high standard performances,
    after the celtic game in december,
    when he came back from his injury.
    That can happen,but as far as i'm concerned he's been a very good signing.As much as all 4 of our centre halfs will get game time this season,i'll state here and now that gerrard's preferred centre half pairing, for most of the season, will be connor goldson and filip helander.I really like katic and edmundson looks a very decent centre half,but these 2 i'll wager here and now, will be the preferred pairing.
    Big helander is a left footed,no nonsense centre half and goldson is a right footed footballing centre half,who can also be rugged,when required.Thats the perfect balance for me.They will dovetail well together in my opinion.

    • Must say ‘rugged’ isn’t a word we’d associate with Goldson! Not sure a CH who gives the ball away forward a lot can be called ‘footballing’ either! He’s a decent stopper but there’s no point trait of his game we’d call particularly exceptional. Decent all rounder perhaps?

  3. Thats your opinion ibrox noise.But you certainly DON'T speak for me.Up until goldson got his injury,him and katic,
    europe included,were exceptional together.Against Celtic TWICE at ibrox,
    goldson was superb.

    • Robert, first of all stop shouting, secondly we never said we were speaking for you? Not sure on the hostility here, calm down…

  4. The shouting and calm down?? Don't think so!Merely stating my views,just like your good self pal.

    • Hi Robert, if you type in capitals, it’s considered shouting. That’s why we took it as hostile? Plus of course we don’t speak for you or indeed anyone. Maybe at times if the majority agrees that could apply.

  5. I seem to remember Gerrard coming out with the actual figures paid for Barasic and Grezda (around £1.5m if memory serves) after some ridiculous figures were quoted in the media.

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