Rumour: multimillion bid imminent for Alfredo Morelos


As we mentioned yesterday, Colombian forward Alfredo Morelos was a massive absentee for the win over TNS at Auchenhowie, and more than a few eyebrows have been raised over the reason for his absence.

There are a few rumours, that we won’t give too much gravity too yet, that a certain side in England is considering a multimillion move for him depending on circumstances, and that he is aware of this interest.

Furthermore, this side is rather swilling in cash at the moment having enjoyed a profitable spell in the transfer window up to this point, and they certainly have money to spend, and would see Morelos as a fairly inexpensive addition and replacement for certain departing players.

As you can tell, we’re wary of actually naming anyone in this, because at this point it’s not a story which we can verify – but it would certainly explain why Morelos was not part of the TNS friendly when pretty much everyone else of significance (bar Ryan Jack) was.

The former Helsinki man has had an incredibly colourful time in Scotland, but he’s been linked with a move out pretty much since six months into his spell here, and it does eventually get tiresome.

We’ve lost count of the number of teams who have looked at him (it must be close to 20 hard concrete links at the last totting up) and this latest one is only another notch – we’d be very surprised if Alfredo Morelos is still at Ibrox come September.

But, as Stevie G says all the time – the fact is no hard bids have been received for any of his significant players and unless they pay what the club deems these guys are worth, our assets aren’t going anywhere.

So, we’ll see if that changes.


    • Neil i,d say he cost us any chance we had of winning the title. Its great scoring goals but his petty sendings off cost us big time. Maybe the league cup too.

    • Correct Stephen, but imo we can't rely on JDF to replace Alfie's goals as his legs have mainly gone. I'm also hoping that the penny has finally dropped re his self control. 🤞

    • I don't disagree with you Kenny, but where would we have been without his goals … I'm just hoping the penny has dropped re his self discipline… if it hasn't then he needs to go.

    • What evidence do we hve defors legs are gone or going. Have you seen the guys condition? Hes the healthiest looking guy in the league imo. He also has a very good goals per minute ratio. Best in the leagues top scorers. I think morelos is ace but we plyed better in the final 7 games without him. More dynamic and less predictable.

    • My eyes tell me, I'm well aware that his professionalism has stood him in good stead and his experience and guile helps with his positional nouse and that can gain him a fraction of time and space … in certain situations … but fact is no one can hold back the clock … he is slower now. I'm not on here to belittle JDFs efforts, far from it, fact is he and we had an excellent run of games at the tail end of the season … however, the league was lost by then and the pressure wasn't as it wooda been had it not been so. Anyhooze that's all gone now I'm straining at the leash for this season to begin as I think SGs moves are moving along splendidly… I just think we'll need Alfie's goals to take the title.

  1. So if he goes to England you will claim we told you so,not naming the club just gives you more chances of being correct,if I say a German club want him that could be any German club.get real!

  2. The good thing is that Rangers won't sell him cheap, so if he does go then we will have brought in a substantial amount of money for SG to spend on bringing in a player/players we currently cannot afford.
    Defoe has shown that Morelos is replaceable, if Defoe plays consistently then he will score a lot of goals.
    Not saying I hope Morelos goes. Only that it won't necessarily be a disaster IF he does go. Of course rumours were bound to happen because he missed the TNS game, but maybe there is a simple explanation such as having a tight muscle.
    Time will tell…

  3. If I was a gambling man I would have a punt on Newcastle being the interested party, And Leicester just gave them 30mil 🙂

  4. Palace probably more realistic though considering they are going to have about 120 million lying about after the awb and Zaha sales

  5. Still dont think anyone has any concrete interest in Morelos,(loose cannon), he was not playing the other day due to a slight knock. Rumour Mill on here has derailed I am afraid.

  6. 1st red was over turned correctly so the Aberdeen 1 was a sore one and the 5th was complete stupidity considering he should have learned his lesson and we lost to Celtic. The other 3 he was sent off in we won at Aberdeen and progressed against UFA and were pretty much already beat at 1 0 down against Aberdeen in the SC as we were awful. The problem wasn't the games he was sent off IN as with 10 men we are very good. It was the games he was OUT.

    Now, that then is a worry. We barely won any games (bar the spell towards the end of the season) when he was suspended yet fans want him gone? Who will replace those 30 goals? But it also comes back on him. Screw the nut and realise the team does miss you when you're out. I too am on the last chance saloon with Morelos. But we cant get rid. He was on the bench behind Gerrard for TNS so probably had a knock.

    • Hi Coco, 'someone' was on the bench yes, but we can't tell if that was Defoe, Tavernier, Morelos, Kamara or Goldson. More than one of these guys has tattoos on that arm.

  7. Bit of a pointless post without mentioning the team. Just name the team you think it is. Even multiple choice so we can all play along.

    • Ah where would the fun be in that! No, this is one we have to keep our counsel on, sorry. We usually do go public with what we know but this time we can't.

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