Extreme measures taken by Rangers’ potential European opponents…


Rangers will tonight find out who they’ll face in just over a week (or exactly, depending) when St Joseph’s and Prishtina battle it out in the preliminary round of the Europa League for the right to play Rangers in the opening round proper of qualifying.

The tie current stands at 1-1 with the Gibraltar side enjoying the away goal advantage from the first leg in Kosovo, and if that comes to pass Rangers will travel to the Victoria Stadium.

The Kosovan side have brought in 11 players since late June and will hope the 8 whose contracts started yesterday will be able to flip the tie in their favour after the loss of that valuable away goal.

Of course, Rangers should have more than enough to dispatch either side with plenty of headroom – Steven Gerrard’s summer work has overhauled the playing staff again with some especially venomous attacking talent brought in, not to mention the quality he already has at his disposal, and a side the equivalent of a League Two Scottish outfit really should not pose a challenge.

But then, neither should Progres have, and we know what happened there.

Nevertheless, be it a trip to Kosovo or one to Gibraltar, Rangers will know who they’ll face in either seven days or 9 (based on how many Gibraltar sides progress in Europe) by the close of play today.

Let the European adventure begin (all over again).