A stunning 64% of fans favour unlikely man over massive summer Ibrox signing

A stunning 64% of fans favour unlikely man over massive summer Ibrox signing

Arguably Rangers’ most hyped transfer of the summer so far, Charlton midfielder Joe Aribo’s arrival at Ibrox was considered a massive coup and the answer to the number 10 problem of playmaking and goalscoring from midfield that has blighted Rangers in recent seasons.

The 22-year old thrived in League One last season, helping the Valley side to promotion and earning a market value of somewhere in the region of £7M+.

But with the returning Greg Docherty also thriving in the same league and actually out-performing his new rival for the slot, Ibrox Noise wanted to know who would be the fans’ preference at this early stage to be the first-pick.

Would it be the shiny new model, the multimillion-rated English rising star, or Rangers’ own signing from Hamilton?

In our poll, we can genuinely say we were surprised by the results when it was put to our readers – while the results are subject to change, early indications suggest that rather than the desire for the high-profile addition to get the nod, in fact supporters favour the returning Bluenose.

Indeed, 64% want to see Docherty ahead of Aribo as the main number 10 for the new campaign, while just 36% elected to plump for the new arrival.

This did surprise us, and while regular readers know we rate Docherty hugely, we didn’t expect the readership to favour him so significantly over the hyped-up signing from England.

In some ways, maybe Steven Gerrard was a bit hasty in bringing Aribo north, given he already had Docherty who has actually done better at Aribo’s level for a far inferior team.

But while we also feel like the manager has given himself an amazing choice in that slot, why do we also have a slight nagging fear that despite how good he is, Docherty still won’t be Stevie’s preference? And that might just be why Aribo is now at Ibrox.

Time will tell.

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  1. I don't think any new signing should walk In too the team doc was amazing last season kept Shrewsbury up but aribo probably end the first pick he does look very impressive has it all think he will tear if up here with doc as backup the squad is starting to look good

  2. How did Doc have a better season? He scored the same number of goals as Aribo, in 9 more games…

    • Might wish to look at his assists too, Jm. And the fact he's done it for an 18th place team while Aribo did it at a promoted one.

  3. I wonder how many of those fans who voted for Docherty have actually saw Aribo play. The truth is most of us don't know what Aribo is capable of. All I can base it on was that Aribo seemed to hot property while Im not aware of any interest in Docherty.

    • Aribo is quality, I'll admit, but the main reason he was "hot property" was the fact his contract was expiring. It was great business bringing him in. Docherty has had a great season with Shrewsbury as well though, and I think he was voted there player of the season. Also great business putting him on loan last season but I think Gerrard thinks very highly of him and he'll get his chance this season

    • I made the exact same point RobRob. They didn't put it on though. It's a poll done simply because I.N wants to draw the battle lines between certain players they favour and certain players they already have in their mind they don't want in the team
      . Like they did with Barasic, Halliday, Candieas and so on..it's poor. Wished they would let the guy get in the door before they start slyly start writing him off simply because they see Docherty is their main man..

    • Will, you’re creating a fight where there isn’t one. We have high hopes for Aribo, but the reality is we already have a player in his position we’ve never given a chance to. As for suggesting we don’t want Halliday and Candeias in the side, that’s funny because other readers accuse us of being their biggest fans. Wish you lot would make your mind up!

    • My last comment was worded wrong regarding Halliday etc. I was suggesting you showed him unjust favoritism as you did with Candieas, whilst tearing guys like Barasic apart constantly. Your poll and other article on Aribo/Docherty clearly smack of favoritism. Docherty is Rangers own signing(Aribo isn't?), Docherty is a bluenose, Aribo is hyped up etc. You've highlighted you're argument by pointing to couple of stats and telling us Docherty done it in a poor team so proves he is better. What about stats for talking sakes like headers won,tackles won, passes completed,ground covered an so on ie their all round game? I don't see teams fighting to sign Docherty like they were for Aribo? It's as if because you're a fan of Docherty that you simply don't want to give Aribo a chance before he's kicked a ball, even suggesting Gerrard might have made a mistake in signing him! Jeezo. It's clear you want Docherty on the team over Aribo even though you have no idea if Aribo will be better, you're getting yourself excited that fans seem to be agreeing with you because you put a poll based on zero up and declared the results are stunning. Can't you just hold your horses a tad and give Aribo a chance to get in the door. There is no need for you to paint him in a more negative light than Docherty before either have even played a competitive game, especially when you clearly have no clue like the rest of us which of the both will be better suited in the role..

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