Rangers and the SPL may have a new threat to watch out for….

Rangers and the SPL may have a new threat to watch out for….

With Hibs’ takeover by Peru-born American businessman Ronald Gordon complete, it may just have added a whole new dimension to Scottish football.

Remember, Hearts’ ill-fated renaissance under George Burley was as a result of Lithuanian tycoon Vladimir Romanov, so an outsider coming in, taking over an SPL side and pumping cash in isn’t unprecedented.

And already Gordon has wiped out Hibs’ debt and pledged a cash injection of up to £10M. Whether that’s upon the playing staff, infrastructure, we’re not sure, but events at Easter Road just took an interesting turn.

Scottish football certainly got shaken up by Rangers’ fall to the Third Division, with smaller sides able to compete for second place, and such a seismic switch in dynamic, while a nightmare for Rangers fans, certainly opened up certain aspects of the top flight.

With Hibs getting big cash coming in, things might just change a bit again.

Under Neil Lennon they were certainly a threat, for a while, on a limited budget – they were unable to hold onto their Jason Cummings, Dylan McGeoughs and John McGinns, but still remained extremely competitive.

And now new manager Paul Heckingbottom may just have some funds to play with this summer – he might not be able offer new players much beyond the SPL at this time, but with more financial clout Hibs will be able to bring in a stronger calibre of player.

There is of course FFP – where you are unable to spend money you don’t generate – but the enforcement of the rules are flaky at best and the punishments only ban a club from transfers and European football – see Chelsea and AC Milan. Whether Hibs’ indulgence of Gordon’s cash would be a violation of these rules, smarter people than us can tell you.

But either way, Hibs may just be a bit of a new player in town with a sudden cash injection of this nature.

One to watch out for.

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