85% of Rangers fans back Rangers dud – astonishing numbers…


If one Rangers player was conspicuous last season for his inadequacy, it was Borna Barisic.

A Croat international, the 26-year old left back struggled terribly in his first season at Ibrox, unable to adapt to the league and looking to all intents and purposes a dud who would be shipped out the next chance possible.

Fast-forward to present day, and his pre-season has gone superbly by comparison, given the simple fact he’s been furnished with one at Ibrox compared with his late arrival in Govan last summer, and now from nowhere this failure is turning things around big time, and Rangers fans seem incredibly optimistic the left back issue is finally about to be solved.

In an Ibrox Noise poll, we were interested to see how many readers shared our new-found optimism about the ex-Osijek man’s chances of succeeding in Govan, and were pleasantly surprised that a stunning 85% of supporters think Borna Barisic will rise next season to be the star defender we all believe he can be. Just 15% were of the opposite view.

No denying it, a Croat international is a seriously valuable asset, and if Barisic can translate his form for his country into the red while and blue, we have not only a potentially world class player on our hands, but a huge value asset.

If Tierney is worth £25M with barely 15 caps for Scotland, what is a Croat international in the same position worth?

Answers on a post card.


  1. Croats have heart and are never beaten .. Barasic is one of this breed . I think he will really deliver this season to get an even bigger move after we win the league .

    • Thought that about Grezda.Good game against Motherwell.Thought there was a player there but….Would get shot of him in an instant.Morelos as well.Bring in Marko Maric and Sturridge as replacements.

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