Outrage as Rangers’ Glorious Dead are attacked…


We never fail to be staggered by the depths the press will plummet to in Scotland in order to undermine and attack Rangers when things seem to be on the up for our club.

New signings flowing through the door, a European campaign to look forward to, and slowly trying to shed the dead wood.

But when a certain national red top started to use the Ibrox Disaster and John Greig for a headline story this afternoon, it hit a level of barrel scraping that… sadly we’re no longer really that surprised to see in this country.

If football fans can happily spit on an opposing supporter lying there unconscious and hurl missiles at him, why would we be shocked that one of the worst ‘newspapers’ known to mankind would stoop to the pits of using John Greig and the Ibrox Disaster for hits and sales?

We’re clearly not going to give this nonsense the oxygen it so craves by investigating anything in it beyond its vile headline, nor should anyone else.

But that our media appears to be this unregulated really is a testament to how the authorities in this country view Rangers (and Celtic at times, let’s be fair) and the complete embarrassing lack of respect they have for us.

To besmirch the memory of our Absent Friends and haul a legend like John Greig into it for the sake of attention is beyond inciting anger – it just makes us sad.

Sad that this is what it’s coming to, that everything and anything is now fair game for the purpose of traffic and sales – that nothing is sacred any more and even the Glorious Dead are fair game for a sleazy newspaper to use for bait.

When did this happen. When did we blink and miss the complete rejection of decency and morals and witness the decay in the fabric of society that even a national tragedy and a club legend are used for little more than a reaction, £££’s and a few sales.

Sad, sad, sad.


  1. Wtf. We were supposed to be getting the memorial wall but now the club have decided not to do it and we are now getting sued for the money.
    Don't think Mr King should be signing anything else until he gets better legal advice

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