Liverpool have changed over their dealings with Rangers….


Last summer Rangers made an ill-advised signing by the name of Ovie Ejaria. Fans have mostly forgotten about him such was his negligible impact, but the biggest red flag to his signing was the fact Liverpool made absolutely no mention of it.

He was mentioned on their official site that same day as signing a new deal, and expressing his glee and joy over getting the extension, but there was absolutely no hint at this point that he’d also joined Rangers. They have since updated that story to now just about include his move to Ibrox.

His own words on the move:

“I’m just going to keep working hard and see where that takes me. I really want to be a regular at Liverpool Football Club, a massive club, so that’s my aim.”

Clearly desperate to be at Ibrox…

Meanwhile, look at this, from a day or so ago about Sheyi Ojo:


Quite the difference.

Liverpool plugging the player, plugging his move north, and his own praise of the club and obviously his new manager.

It marks quite a change at Liverpool too – not only does the player happily big up his switch, but Liverpool this time were very happy to reinforce good words about Rangers and their legendary ex-player in a marquee position on their website.

People often forget how big Liverpool are – Man Utd aside they’re probably the biggest club in England in terms of global brand, reach, and currently they’re hugely in vogue too.

So for this story to get such prominence on their official site is a bit of a coup.

Compare it with last season’s borderline complete radio silence on Ejaria and it’s quite the change.


  1. Maybe he is now an embarrassment to Liverpool, as he was to us. They've maybe now realised just how poor a player, he really is??

  2. Ejarias move didn`t work out how we would like but we should always remember his goal in Russia got us in to the group stages and made us millions.More than covered his wages I would say and hopefully has generated funds for transfers this season.Not exactly a negligible impact .Hopefully Ojo achieves something similar.

    • We'd probably argue that's a little unfair on the rest of the (ultimately) 9 players who fought like lions in Russia to suggest their impact was less than the one player in the starting XI who didn't want to be there!

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