“Not a chance” – most Rangers fans dead against possible EPL signing

“Not a chance” – most Rangers fans dead against possible EPL signing

Rangers’ summer business is well and truly underway, and with two captures already confirmed and more following, the incoming (and outgoing) is only going to ramp up further.

However, following his release from Aston Villa recently, former Rangers right back Alan Hutton has again appeared on the radar, and as a free agent obviously wouldn’t cost a bean.

Very much one of our own, this dyed-in-the-wool Rangers man is up at 34 years of age, and curiously while most fans are behind the signing of ex-England international Leighton Baines, himself 34, in a recent survey, only one respondent from dozens/hundreds appeared keen on bringing the ex-Spurs fullback over to Govan again.

In fact, 99% of all replies confirmed Rangers fans absolutely don’t want Hutton back at Ibrox as anything other than a fan, which certainly surprised us here given how positive most of the comments over Baines are.

Many of the reasons were ‘stop living in the past’ – our argument to that is if they’re good enough they’re both young enough and the past doesn’t matter. It’s an invalid argument – Kyle Lafferty didn’t work out because he sucked, while Steven Davis is going the other way because he’s great.

The fallacy of ‘living in the past’ is just that – an excuse to reject a player for reasons based on little more than emotion.

Does Hutton actually still have it? Well, there were certainly questions over Davis and Defoe – and both proved themselves more than useful over the final two months of the season. Hutton has been playing at a very good level for years, and while Villa considered him surplus for the new season in the Premier League, few can provide us with a convincing argument as to why Baines (and Davis and Defoe) are great signings and Hutton wouldn’t be.

For what it’s worth Hutton isn’t finished – he still has legs on him, and there is a real chance James Tavernier will be sold this summer for a big chunk of cash. Hutton’s CV remains outstanding, and to this day he never wanted to leave Rangers.

In conclusion; like with any player who may or may not join Rangers – give him and them a chance before deciding they’re a dud.

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  1. Hutton's best attributes were his pace and stamina, at 34 those are both on the wane. If Tav's still here i see no point in having a 34 year old on big wages as back-up – far better one of the academy prospects gets a chance if both Tav and Flanagan are out.

  2. I don't think Alan Hutton would be a dreadful signing, but he could certainly never be considered as being of a similar quality to Leighton Baines, nor Defoe or Davies.

    • We don't argue that point Alan, but the logic is our issue – that he at 34 is past it and washed up while they at 34 and older are great signings?

    • I couldn't disagree with your logic IN, the only thing that I don't know is how well Hutton has looked after himself physically. If his physical condition is good then he would certainly be a decent back up to Tav (who hopefully will stay at Ibrox).

  3. I agree IN don't bash them until you see them Hutton was a massive player for Villa last season but I say this now sell Tavernier and we may as well say bye bye to 55. 20 assists last year where do we replace that? Feel like he has rightly won a lot of fans over and Gerrard will not let him go and rightly so.

    For a guy that gets pumped by the media he is as important as any 1st team player we have he's our James Forrest I still can't believe Kent was regarded better than him.

    17 goals and 14 were pens but he still has to have the bottle to bury them.

    And of his 20 assists only 4 were from set pieces (0 corners as Kent hit them this year, 4 free kicks).

    16 assists from his outstanding crossing, runs and flair. Morelos set up 9 times, Defoe 3, Murphy, Lafferty, Arfield and Kent. This idea of even considering selling him is madness I hope that come August 31st he's still our Captain leading by example.

    This Rangers team isn't far away. A 3rd striker, 2 centre halves, left back and number 10… 5 more signings and we will challenge but we must keep this group of players.

    • I won't dispute your stats Coco, however, to complete the integrity of your findings, could you please give the statistics on how many goals Tav has cost us due to poor defending?

    • Jimbo like you big chap Tav was the one I wanted to see go last season! Positionally awful, caught out with the diagonals when Sinclair had the better of him, even going back to Hibs in the Championship mediocre play beating him.

      But without a doubt compare Tav 2019 to Tav 2016, 4 years ago it's a different right back.

      He's been coached much better and I can recall maybe 2 mistakes this season. He's by far won us more points than lost this year and had a huge influence as to why we made Europe (That cross for Morelos away to Osijek, assist and goal in the 2-0 Shkupi game, assist and goal Rapid Vienna) even that free kick against Celtic, his hat trick of crosses vs Killie in the 3 1 League Cup win, that cross in the last minute for Morelos away to St J 1-2 Win – he's been involved in it all mate. If you take his contribution away from what he did last year you'd be lucky if we were 12 points worse off he made that much of a difference. Away Tynecastle 2 1 who set up the 2 goals for Goldson and Morelos… enough said.

  4. Hutton and Baines would've been excellent signings 4 years ago but will presumably hit 35 at some point in the coming season. We don't know what shape they are in but we know from past experience that these signings rarely end well. McAulay, Alves, Senderos, Krancjár, Barton to name just some examples.

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