Exodus; nine (8) players who just left Rangers


It’s June 2nd now and a lot of chopping and changing is very much underway at Ibrox in earnest. Summer departures are now flowing and Ibrox Noise takes you through the latest Rangers exodus, notable player by notable player.

End of contract:

Lee Wallace; we’ve covered this one, but he’s now departed to pastures new, and we hope he gets a gig worthy of his loyalty to us.

Lee Hodson; disappeared out the back door as quietly as Wallace, Hodson’s deal expired on June 1 and it’s likely St Mirren will snap him up permanently on a very useful free. We wish him the best and he’ll be remembered well for silencing both Dembele and Sinclair at Parkhead once upon a time.

Gareth McAuley; Stevie just didn’t fancy this guy for right or wrong, despite his impressive leadership and Connor Goldson’s best season form mostly benefiting from the NI international by his side. The veteran stopper moves onto a new stage of his career.


Graham Dorrans; word is he’s to be let go with a contract termination. Probably the usual ‘mutual consent’ palaver. It’s a shame, because he’s one of the most talented players we have, but just isn’t in Gerrard’s plans or anyone’s trust to remain fit.

Myles Beerman; sure, more of an Academy fringe player than anything, but the Maltese international, who rose to prominence under Pedro Caixinha, is no longer at Ibrox and will pursue his future elsewhere. Did not bad, let’s face it, but struggled against Celtic and it could be argued the Portuguese’ misguided deployment of him in that match ruined his Rangers career.

End of loan:

Ryan Kent
; the biggie, we all know Kent’s loan deal expired and he’s back at Anfield with Aston Villa his likely destination. He’ll take his time choosing, and he did love his time at Ibrox, but he’s not going to come cheap and we can’t offer him Premier League football either.

Joe Worrall
; back at Forest, Worrall was done at Ibrox months ago, after Nikola Katic regained his slot again. Decent enough guy and very honest, maybe too honest. Forest is his team and we have no grudge against him. Hopefully he makes a decent fist of it for Martin O’Neill’s side.

Lassana Coulibaly; we all forgot about this guy didn’t we? Back at Angers, Coulibaly promised the earth inside the first month or two of his time at Rangers, but for various reasons he absolutely sunk without trace and was barely seen in the second half of the campaign. What a crushing disappointment he ended up being.

Jermain Defoe; technically his loan is actually up now, but the contract is that it recurs with Eddie Howe’s Bournemouth having first refusal on his return. We can’t imagine any reason they’d want him back but it’s still a possibility.

And those are the main ones for now. Any we’ve overlooked hit us up in the comments.


  1. Wasn't Defoe announced as an 18 month loan deal? We have him this season regardless? I'm sure.

    • As we say, it's a 3 x 6 month loan – it gets reviewed each transfer window and Bournemouth have first refusal on taking him back if they prefer. Chances are they will leave as is, but you never know?

  2. I agree with everything said here although with the Kent situation we have Europe whereas Aston Villa don't. They are playing in the massive league now so it depends what Kent wants, if he wants money rather than potential trophies and European football then we won't see him next season.

    • To a player on the fringes of senior football like Kent has been, we'd argue a season of top flight football in England probably trumps a qualifying round or two in UEL and no guarantee of a further six group matches.

    • Grezda having discussions over his future and Barisic remains tightly contracted for now. They are likely departures indeed but still valuable assets so we'd need a buyer in place first.

  3. I don't want to get complacent but if we keep Defoe it's massive. Imagine having him all season last year and Davis and Kamara! Low risk as they were the players you mentioned we did well only contracting them for 1 season albeit failed miserably by not tying Kent down in Oct/Nov or even having a buy option. That's why I'm now against these loan signings because the only beneficiary is Liverpool. Loan with option to buy by all means but no more loans to benefit other Clubs. If we can loan Kent for 1 more year I will contradict and say get him but the policy of loaning other Clubs youngsters irks me. You just have to look at Worrals comments about how he came "to make his mistakes here and learn."

    This isn't a learning experience this is Glasgow Rangers.

    Recruitment wise of the perm signings we made last year Lafferty, Grezda and Barisic are the ones who dissapointed the rest I am satisfied with which is successful as you could ask for just a shame the expensive ones were the worst!

    • Funnily enough Coco we were going to compile a piece about the absolute devastating failure of our loans system the past few years. We completely agree with you.

    • Coco if I loan you a tenner you will I hope eventually give it back and I will be the one to benefit because it is my tenner. Football clubs are the same. I would rather have loan players like Kent come in for one season than not have them at all. The key is to find the right ones.
      PS Kents Liverpool team mate Harry Wilson is another great example with 17 goals for Derby last season.

    • If we are talking about analogies then my friend…

      I see a 10 pound share that I want to buy but can't have as I only have 1 pound but you loan me that 10er as long as I improve its value and give you it back after a year.

      I'm left with nuhin because I neglected my own home grown penny shares and you made millions off my hard work when I could have invested in my own.

      Long term thinking over short term is my ethos just fed up being a feeder club when we have our own youngsters like Middleton who's stats were just as good as Kent's if not better per ratio.

      …it's been a long ass day!

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