More shame at Hampden – absolutely laughable


It was with the latest set of amusement that Ibrox Noise noted the call ups for new Scotland manager Steve Clarke’s maiden squad.

Half of Killie, no Rangers.

So no Ryan Jack, Ross McCrorie, and instead first-time call ups for guys from Rugby Park. Scotland are now Celtic and Killie FC.

Clarke’s Rangers hatred is laughable – he claims to be neutral, and that he has no allegiances towards Celtic, and yet his maiden Scotland XI was filled with their players and those of Killie while not a single Rangers player even made the squad.

We also have more than a suspicion that he’d have omitted Jordan Jones if Jones had been a Scotland player – sounds ridiculous, right? But Jones is a Rangers player and if we couldn’t get a foothold in while Alex McLeish (supposedly one of ours for God’s sake) was manager, we sure won’t with Clarke at the helm.

Look at NI – stocked to the gills with Rangers players – Davis, Jones, Lafferty and departing McAuley. No anti-Rangers agenda from Michael O’Neill.

But Scotland? Clarke’s petty snipe at Rangers during his farewell speech had an evident double meaning – bye Rangers because I’m becoming Scotland manager and I won’t face you again as Killie boss, and Bye Rangers because your players will never feature for my Scotland team.

It’s just laughable. But, it’s been going on the best part of 11 years now so why would we expect any different.

‘Anyone but England’? It’s anyone but Scotland for us now.


  1. It's a total joke, how they get away with such bias, year on year. Think we need a FIFA investigation, on the SFA. It's what they deserve. It's not like we don't have plenty examples.

  2. Ibrox Noise I think when you look at the Scottish Players we have in a squad of 33 (Wikipedia) the only one good enough is Ryan Jack out of the 7 we have? Bit miffed as Kenny McLean started that match when Jack is a natural DM but McLean is a big Rangers fan so I'm not over thinking this we just do not have a good standard of Scottish player as they mostly play elsewhere. If we had a right back or a striker better than Brophy and Odonnell I'm sure they would have been selected.

    Dorrans Mcgregor Murphys Scotland careers are over due to age and retirement, Holt, Halliday and Hardie not good enough but the future is bright for McCrorie, Docherty, Middleton and Hastie who are all 19-22. So who knows maybe in the next year or 2 these 3 can feature more but they're gonna have to start doing the business for Rangers 1st before they can be considered for Scotland. And to be honest I'm glad they're not involved because we can rest these guys this International malarky is only benefiting us as it's LESS time for Aberdeen Killie and Celtic players to rest. Look at the positive we get a fresh Ryan Jack for pre season.

  3. Guys cut the paranoia. Only Ryan Jack could be considered as a squad member and if the manager doesnt rate him then Ryan will have to lift his game next season to make him a certainty to be picked. Thats if ryan himself wants to be picked.

  4. To be honest I would be ok with none of our players playing for Scotland after watching that performance last night our players would be lowering their standards the hysteria after beating the mighty Cyprus was laughable the reverend I am jolly even smiled and thats saying something

  5. You no what I'm a rangers fan and I'm sick with other rangers fans moaning and crying about our players not been picked it's get really embarrassing who givessels a sh*t yous all forgetting sha**er was picked and retired is he rangers player fan true blue yes fact is was jack really that good last season maby the last couple months yeah . We Want to boycott teams when they choose to fill there own stadium honestly no woder pepo hate us

    • Aside from Celtic, who fills their own stadium??? FFS!!

      Personally I would LOVE our fans boycotting every away ground and let them finance themselves.

      Everyone hates us anyway, no matter what… Do we really care? I don't — feck them all!!!

  6. Let's not make this anything more than it is Anti Rangers again and again we are paranoid the SFA and Rotten Mob led SPFL give us no respect I for one hope Scotland get humped every game as long as this goes on

  7. Keep playing all tic players save energy levels on the gers players clarke your playing a blinder .

  8. Not Really bothered if That Clown doesn't pick Any of our players cause it means that they won't be getting injured in pointless matches/Friendlies 👏🏻

    Is it any wonder that Scotland haven't qualified since 98'

  9. I stopped supporting the easy beats long ago when the sfa and spfl kicked us all over the place when what we needed most was help. I don't care who beats them and in all honesty I never want to see our players in that team, it's embarrassing.

  10. Your right, who gives a s**t, Scotland as a unit are pathetic, all the mickey mouse players who believe they are good professional players but yet have no technical ability to compete against other nations. When are we seriously going to change our thoughts that a 100% effort is as good as technical ability in the world stage. Playing players from Kilmarnock who have no international experience is the sign of a manager who does not know the world stage in which he is now part of. Let's just support our beautiful technical players at Ibrox who have players with technical ability in the world stage and stuff The jungle bunnies. WATP

  11. For those of us old enough to remember and to inform those that aren't, I remember going to septic park to watch Scotland v England reserve match (yes they had them in those days) and Ronnie McKinnon was abused by chants of DOB throughout the match, I couldn't understand it at the time, but soon realised it was purely because he was a rangers player and protestant. I spoke about it to my dad, who informed me that I should expect this as we were not accepted within the halls of power at the sfa despite at that time in history, rangers had provided more players for Scotland than the rest of the other teams put together. The hell with them, I am British first, Scottish by birth, and proud of it, Rangers are my team, my only team, and long it has been a d sha remain so. WATP

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