Astonishing stats over new signing – Steven Gerrard will be delighted…


With the latest international ‘break’ underway, there’s a number of key topics for Rangers fans to chew through, but one of the most standout was the latest superb cameo for new signing Jordan Jones.

Enjoying the bulk of the second half, Rangers’ flying machine not only produced a storming appearance in Tallinn, but made an excellent assist too, giving some idea of why Ibrox Noise proposed we had a ready-made wing replacement for Ryan Kent’s services in the 24-year old.

Indeed, while some have short-sightedly criticised Jones in certain respects, his international displays have been outstanding and his stats at Killie were nothing short of remarkable given their playstyle.

And he’s continuing to deliver that on one of the biggest stages of all, European qualifiers.

We really have to praise Steven Gerrard’s vision in snatching this guy up in January, in getting him on a free. No wonder Steve Clarke hates Rangers so much, given arguably Killie’s best player came here for nothing.

As we put in a previous entry, Jones managed four assists and four goals in a Killie notorious for sitting deep, defending and countering – meanwhile Kent got 6 and 9 in a much more dominant team, and he got nothing in Europe and will never play for England.

Quite simply, Rangers got a steal here, and a player capable of being worth many millions in the future should he keep this progress up.

He does of course have the weight of the Rangers jersey to withstand – it takes strong minds to tolerate and thrive in this. But we have a feeling Jones will.

Indeed, in five meaningful international matches Jones has two assists. For a winger that’s a fantastic return, and there is little doubt in Ibrox Noise’s mind that Rangers will be a stronger side for his presence.

This guy is growing on us, quick, and dramatically. And we suspect it won’t be long before he’s one of Rangers’ prized assets. If he isn’t already.


  1. I wasn't convinced by us Signing Him
    I am not a Fan

    But I will give him a chance to see what he can do for us on the wing next season

    But if he turns in some good performances next season And a serious offer or two comes in : Sell Him

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