Did Rangers just make another £5M this summer?


We don’t know what the future holds for Borna Barisic at Ibrox, we really don’t – but we do know this – the more this guy keeps turning out for Croatia in meaningful matches and doing himself proud in those performances, the more his value will continue to rise.

Last night Barisic turned out not only in another serious level of international competition at the Euro qualifiers, but he did so against Wales, and not only Wales, but Gareth Bale who had a muted night at the Stadion Gradski in Osijek as a result.

We’ve posited many times just how valuable a Croatian international who’s delivering at the highest level for his country actually is, and we’ve frequently been opposed by fans who only see the Barisic who struggles in the slugathon that is the SPL.

Yes, he’s not suited to the SPL, and yes, his attitude probably hasn’t been right from the start either – but the change in this player to a world-class talent on the international stage that easily puts the shackles on an attacking force like Bale really is Jekyll to Hyde.

The more he does this this summer, the more suitors will want him – Borna Barisic has the ability to be completely top class, in the right environment – that probably isn’t the hatchet job of our game north of the border, but in a more cultured league he has the world at his feet. A LB who can easily keep Bale pretty quiet (arguably the best player Britain has produced in the past 15 years) is nothing to be sniffed at.

Value? Well, we have bounced around with the values – for every bad domestic display we’d reduce it, for every stunning international one it rose. Truth is it’s somewhere in the middle.

We might not quite get £20M (although it’s sure not impossible, he’s a Croat international for Pete’s sake), but we know for every latest impressive performance he puts in for his country it only adds potential millions to his sale value.

Did last night add another £5M to his pricetag? It’s not impossible.


  1. Anybody ever think it's not hid attitude that's the problem, that it was a certain player in front of him reluctance to use him on the overlap? Kent would rather cut in than use the overlapping FB. I don't care who ye are ye would be more and more reluctant to make them runs if your not going to be used. Injuries and moving to a new country also took its toll. There'll be a better barisic next season without doubt.

  2. I agree that his profile with Croatia will be good for us but we won`t get anything like that money for him and by the way it is an indictment of Scottish Football that decent players struggle here because of the outrageous tackling ,the ball being in the air all the time and teams just not wanting to play any football..

  3. Barasic is top drawer he was excellent yesterday and never looks out of place in a world class team . I hope he puts in a good season for us next season if tho he wants to move then we shall get good money for him either way.

  4. I hope he can get going next Season but if he can't, then Sell Him

    I think realistically …. £8-£12million

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