Friday, 21 June 2019

"A stitch up" - SPFL put Rangers right in it?

Rangers’ 2019/2020 fixtures have just been released and we can’t contain our mirth at where the SPL have elected to send us on the opening day.

If ever there was a sign that the powers-that-be really don’t like us it would be sending us to the one SPL ground we couldn’t win at all last season, in the league.

And of course, despite their loss of Jordan Jones and their manager Steve Clarke, Killie’s disgusting horror pitch will be Rangers’ destination for the first day of the new term and we can’t help wondering if it’s in the hope we slip up.

Sure, we sound paranoid, but of all 11 grounds we could have gone to, last season it was Scotland’s (briefly) second best team at who Rangers’ record was horrible in recent seasons in the form of Pittodrie, this time it’s Killie?

Call us crazy, and many have, but this looks like a classic stitch up. A test that heavy on the opening day?

It looks to all intents and purposes like the SPFL wants us to fail before we even start – although nothing would shut them and Scottish football up more than Steven Gerrard defying our recent record there and winning at Rugby Park for the first time in the league in… forever.

If there had been one ground we’d not have wanted on the opening day, Parkhead probably aside, it would have been the atrocity that is Killie.

But let’s go there with Jordan Jones in our colours now and take it to them.

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